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When Does a 20 Gallon Brew Kettle Become Your Best Friend?

When you first started getting into the world of homebrewing, you probably had a dream to someday become the next big brewery. Maybe every time you see those beer commercials in between football and hockey games, you go into a brief trance where you see your own beer brand at the centre of that commercial. It’s always good to think big, and keep those dreams alive.

But why do you stick to the same old five or 10 gallon brew pot? If you want to get to the big leagues, you’re going to have to start making bigger batches, which means you’re gonna have to start use bigger brew kettles. If you’ve been stalling on making that jump, then it’s time for you to start using a 20 gallon brew kettle (my personal favorite is from ……..!). Doing so will give you the room to take your brewing up a few notches in terms of your yield. Soon, you’ll be brewing for the whole neighbourhood!

Using a 20 gallon brew kettle gives you room for those bigger brews

Brewing Bigger Batches

Outside of your own beer, what is your favourite beer brand? Whoever they may be, take note of their growth, and how they progressed from humble beginnings, to established facilities and worldwide recognition. Even if they may not be the world’s most famous or profitable beer brand, they still have loyal customers, and they are generally doing well. Depending on their size and their desired position in the market, they need to meet certain requirements and quotas, and that makes it essential that they use the right size brewing equipment to begin with.

For example…

Your average macrobrewery produces over 6 million barrels of beer annually. These are often international brewing companies such as Anheuser-Busch (which is currently the world’s largest brewery) and SABMiller; conglomerates which own numerous small beer brands around the world. Imagine if they relied on small brewing equipment to achieve the results they truly desired. It wouldn’t get them very far would it!

Even breweries that are not yet on on the “macro” level focus on bigger equipment.

Then there are your craft breweries, which are small and independent companies that produce less than six million barrels of beer annually. Examples of these breweries are the New Belgium Brewing Company and the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Then there are your microbreweries (produce less than 15, 000 barrels a year) such as the Brooklyn Brewery and Stone Brewing Co., in California. What’s the point of mentioning these examples? If you want to elevate your brewing experience and yield, then it’s important to start thinking of using bigger brewing equipment. Using a 20 gallon brew kettle is a great place to start, and it’s the perfect size if you are looking to expand your batch size!

Don’t Short Change Yourself…Or Others

Let’s say you perfected this awesome beer recipe. It’s so great, that you and your brewing partners have to fight the urge to drink it all before you bottle it. When your friends try it, they ask for more and they literally lineup at your door for the next batch! This scenario would indicate that you are setting up the beginnings of what could be your very own brewing company.

But what if you were creating this great recipe in a 5 gallon brew pot all the time? Sure, that size wouldn’t diminish the quality of your beer, but it would diminish the quantity of your product. If you already have adoring fans and loyal customers, don’t you think it would disappoint them to know that you can keep up with their demands? If you have a great product, you will have a great following. As a result, you’ll want to make sure that you can provide them with a suitable amount of beer that they can enjoy at least on a somewhat regular basis.

Therefore, to prevent disappointing a potentially loyal customer base, make the effort to supply with a sufficient quantity of your brew. It creates an upward spiral, since they will tell their own friends and family members to keep coming to you. While it may seem burdensome that you now have to increase your output, remember, that you will be building a legitimate brewing brand. Isn’t that what all brewers want? For this purpose, make sure you invest in brewing equipment that is large enough in size, such as a handy 20 gallon brew kettle!

You never know who'll become customers, so make plenty with a 20 gallon brew kettle

Brew Satisfaction by Stroking the Ego

Just about everything in life involves the ego to some extent. Even though you might express dislike or disapproval to those who are arrogant, and rightfully so, you should appreciate the benefits of having a little pride. Of course, you don’t want to be an egomaniac like some of the celebrities who are always in the headlines for their eccentricities, but you want to be proud of what you are doing.

  • An ego keeps you focused and ambitious
  • You’ll always looking to do bigger and better things
  • You’ll pick up if you hit a wall, obstacle, or face some kind of failure
  • Gives you the motivation to continue when people discourage you
  • And of course, it makes you feel good about yourself!

All of the things mentioned above are traits, qualities, and states of being that you most certainly want to have and feel. When you own a 20 gallon brew kettle, the confidence that comes with knowing you can brew larger yields with less boilovers is a great feeling. It can give you the boost you need to continue brewing without feeling discouraged!

Make “20” Your Magic Number

If you are thinking about bringing your yield to the next level, then consider using a 20 gallon brew kettle from now on. While five and 10 gallon brew pots are great to start off with, you’ll want to think about experimenting with a bigger size if you want to keep growing in the art of brewing. You will be able to brew more of that great beer you make, and you will be able to serve more to those are anxious to try it. Once you reach this stage, your confidence as a brewer will grow substantially, and you’ll gain the respect of others in your neighbourhood!


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Why Mumble Server Hosting Is Worth The Pocket Change For Hardcore Gamers

There are certain restrictions that stop people from being too into video games as a casual hobby. Some people work odd hours or long shifts and simply don’t have the time to advance in the ranks of the newest competitive game. Some people are intimidated by the speed, skill, and controls of the latest and greatest strategy epic. Still others simply don’t have an interest in anything besides farming their crops in Farmville or having their Sims climb up the corporate ladder. Other gamers prefer complicated games and tons of strategy to practice. These players think that the more obstacles they can overcome and the farther they can challenge themselves, the more fun the game is! Hardcore gamers are the sort who love to test their skills, improve their reflexes, and try their improved strategy against ever stronger foes. Sometimes these players like competitive games where they triumph over a human foe like League of Legends, and other times they prefer to try their hand against computer controlled opponents with devastating attacks and mechanics that wipe out lesser players. No matter what, a hardcore gamer should look into Mumble server hosting as a supplement to their gaming sessions. Mumble is the most valuable tool that a player can have on their side while they’re working with a team, and without it, you’ll never quite be able to reach 100%. If you want to learn why you should shell out the pocket change for a Mumble server, read on for some convincing reasons.

why mumble server hosting is worth the pocket change

Plan, Prepare and Present

Have you ever tried to explain a raid boss fight using World of Warcraft’s text system? It can be a major pain to even try. Some bosses have complex mechanics involving multiple phases of a fight. Let’s take a look at the Onyxia encounter from World of Warcraft, one that was present for both level 60 players and level 80 players; this is a particularly well known and famous encounter.

Onyxia has three phrases. In phase one, she attacks the tank, who must hold aggro. Every few seconds, she casts Flame Breath, which kills any player except the tank who stands in front of her. Her tail also sweeps, knocking players about. If a player is knocked aside, they often fall into her whelp cave, which spawns many small dragons that attack players and cause serious chaos. During phase two, Onyxia takes off into the air. Ranged DPS must attack her while melee DPS take care of whelps. Onyxia will cast Deep Breath, giving players exactly six seconds to spread out and run. If they react too slowly, multiple raid members will die. Forty whelps will spawn from the cave, attacking raid members, and two large Lair Guards will enter from the front. All of these adds must be killed as quickly as possible, ranged DPS must do damage to Onyxia and get her 40%, and all raid members must flee from Deep Breath or die. And this fight is considered one of the simplest bosses in World of Warcraft!

Why Mumble Helps

With Mumble server hosting, you can explain it all in a snap, and remind players periodically throughout the fight. Without Mumble, you have to type all this information, hope everyone reads it, and pray for the best. When you’re dealing with 10 or 25 people, text can be a pain to communicate through. Voice chat allows for clear, concise, and convenient communication.

Break Bad Habits and Learn New Facts

When you’re playing a complex online game, there can be a thousand different things to manage. Last hitting, micro skills, zoning, map awareness, warding, harassment, sustain, when to back and when to stay, dueling, tower diving, item builds, item actives like Randuin’s Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari, and positioning are skills that every player learns despite their favorite character. From there, things only get more complicated. Each character has four unique skills and a passive that work together in harmony. Using them correctly takes practice – for instance, you do more damage if you auto attack as Caitlyn, so you save your ultimate to take care of enemies who try to flee at low health. Then there are more complicated mechanics like auto attack resets, counter picks, and champion synergy. Having Mumble server hosting lets you play with your friends, and you can share your knowledge to become better players. You can point out each others mistakes before they become bad habits, help each other learn new facts, and improve drastically as a result.

Conquer the Metagame

The metagame is the highest, most complex layer of strategy for any game. When you play the metagame, you’re looking at things outside of the actual game. You use player upgrades and power ups, psychology, the element of surprise, or other factors to win the game. The metagame is complicated to master, and without Mumble server hosting it can be nearly impossible. Here’s an example of the metagame in League of Legends. You first pick Quinn, intending to use her as an AD carry. The enemy AD carry picks Varus, a champion that counters Quinn in some ways. The enemy top lane also picks Garen as a top laner. Your team adapts on the spot by communicating on Mumble. They choose Graves as the new AD carry, and you take Quinn to the top lane. Her blind, Vault, free vision and ultimate mean that she wins the top lane against Garen, and Graves wins the bottom lane against Varus. Mumble server hosting makes complex plays and strategies like this possible.

Hardcore gamers love new challenges and learning new skills. Using Mumble is one of the best ways that you can satisfy this urge. Games that are complex and challenging become simple, allowing you to advance to new tiers and execute perfect teamwork. If you can’t stand games that don’t make you learn new things or test your abilities to the limit, then Mumble is a program designed with you in mind. Shell out the pocket change and you’ll find yourself amazed at the new possibilities!



How to Plan Wedding Invitation Cards With Style and Function

Here comes the bride! Imagine a ceremony where the wedding music is playing, the cake is ready to be served, the bride and groom wait at the altar, and the priest is about to wed the couple… but the pews are empty, there are no cars in the parking lot, and the reception hall is silent. This nightmare scenario occurs to many brides during the wedding planning process. What if there’s a mistake? These questions haunt the minds of brides while they go over the details of their wedding. There is a safeguard from this sort of mishap from occurring: wedding invitation cards are more than just beautifully crafted pieces of art. They also hold the details of the ceremony and reception. For a portion of your guests, these cards can be the first announcement they hear of the upcoming nuptials. For another percentage of your guests, they will have to reference your card to make sure they have the details down flat. Only a handful will know all of the times, places, and details off the back of their hand. This is where the wedding invitation becomes important. You want to have an invitation that is eye-catching, gorgeous, and beautiful while still having all of the information that guests need that can be read with a glance. How do you balance these two needs? Read on for an explanation of how to plan cards that fulfill all its duties without a hitch.

how to plan wedding invitation cards with style and function

Plan Your Delivery

Sending out the cards and the time of year which you do it in can be just as important as planning the card itself. You have to strike a balance between sending it too early and sending it too late, while also avoiding times of year in which peoples mailboxes become congested with mail. According to The Knot, a popular community for brides to be, wedding invitation cards should be mailed out six to eight weeks before the ceremony.  This gives guests all the time they need to make arrangements and get the necessary chores done without making them feel rushed. It’s also close enough to the date that the invitation card will be relevant. If you send something a full year before the date, it’s likely to get lost in the shuffle or put in a drawer somewhere, forgotten until it’s too late. Six to eight weeks is the sweet spot. The exception is if you’re planning a destination wedding in which your entire guest list will need to travel; in that case, send them out three months in advance. An optional addition is ‘save the date’ cards, which remind your guests of the day without giving out details. These cards make sure that the date is put on their calenders six to eight months in advance, while the invitations hold all the details and jog their memories. Try to avoid sending out cards at Christmas or other busy times of the year lest your invitation get lost in the flood of cards.


Don’t forget that you want your cards to be eye catching and beautiful. When you have wedding invitation cards that are dull, bland, and purely meant for explaining details, you may as well just put up a Facebook event. You want something that is visually stunning. Your guests will never forget the date if it comes wrapped inside a beautiful invitation! Choose something that invokes a feeling that is relevant to your relationship. Pastel colours give a soft, romantic feeling. Bold jewel tones are strong and stylish. White with metallic highlights is elegant and minimalist. Choose wisely, and you’ll end up with invitations that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Keep in mind that invitations are often kept after the wedding as a reminder of your ceremony, so don’t choose something that is ‘in the moment’. A contemporary look may look silly in a decade, but a timeless look will be forever.


If you think making a stylish card is difficult, then steel yourself, because making functional wedding invitations can be just as vexing! You want your wedding invitation cards to give guests all the details without being cluttered or hard to read. There are a few steps you can take to make sure this goal is met. First of all, look at your font and its size. Some fonts, while being gorgeous, are hard to read. Other fonts may look great at a large size, but if you fit them down into your invitation. Design your wedding invitation with more than one set of eyes on it. You may feel that one thing is beautiful, but another person may find it unreadable. Make sure that key details are clear. Numbers should be extremely distinct. Consider using styles and fonts that prioritize readability over style. You’ll also want to pick font that contrasts strongly with the background. Two colours may be individually beautiful, but blend together or clash so hard that making out the fine details becomes difficult. Guests may confuse a 7 for a 1 if it’s in pale silver against white, for instance. Be sure that your card also includes all vital information.

Following this advice will give you wedding invitation cards with both style and function. Your wedding won’t be a ghost town if you follow these simple steps. Be sure you send your card out at the right time, giving your guests enough notice without jumping the gun and sending them too early. Make a stylish card that your guests will notice amongst the bills and invitations, and they’ll read the details happily. Just be sure that your guests actually are able to read the details! If you make an error with your invitations, guests could show up too late, too early, or to the wrong place entirely! Avoid this disaster by taking your time with the invitations and ensuring everything is clear, readable, and memorable. Your ceremony will be far more enjoyable with every guest accounted for!





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High Volume Venue? Invest in a Floor Scrubber To Look Your Best

Some venues can get away with cleaning on the small scale. If you run a mom and pop hardware store in the middle of a rural area, it’s highly unlikely that you face a crowd of people coming into your store every day to cause havoc. Diners, retail stores, and small businesses can make do with slight solutions like mops and vacuums. This is not true for every business, of course. Some have expanded on into being immense. Think of a stadium where concerts are played and giant sports events take place, or a retail establishment like Costco that deals with thousands of shoppers on a weekly basis. You may be sceptical about the amount of damage that they can cause, but consider what people wear on the ends of their feet: shoes! Shoes cause damage to floors in the same way that wind and rain cause damage to rocks and mountains. The constant scuffing and scrabbling of boots, shoes, heels, and soles causes damage to floors and removes their lustre in no time flat. Without the proper care and attention, you can go from a gorgeous, welcoming floor to something that looks uninviting and flat out awful. There’s a solution to the woe causes by shoes: a floor scrubber. These cleaning devices take one look at the damage that people cause to the floors of a large venue and wipe it out in no time at all. If you run or manage a high volume venue, you owe it to yourself to read on and find out why these devices are so necessary to running your place of business.

A Floor Scrubber will help you clean up those high volume venues!Appearance Is Everything

You may not judge a book by its cover, but you should absolutely judge a venue by its hygiene! Here’s where the floor scrubber comes in. If you have dirty floors that have been scuffed and damaged by visitors, then it conveys a lot to people who are considering being your customers – and it isn’t saying anything positive. You want to look your best when it comes to first impressions, for a variety of reasons. First of all, you want your image to be a clean, positive one. If people walk in and the first thing they see is a filthy floor, they’re more likely to think that you don’t know how to take care of your venue. They aren’t too likely to spend time and money at your stadium, arena, or place of business after that. You don’t need your floors to be spectacularly gorgeous; just functional is fine as long as they are clean enough to withstand the inspection of your potential customers. Even if you manage to get them to come in and enjoy the show with your dirty floors, their perception of price will change. It’s hard to convince people to spend a hundred or two hundred dollars on your show, even if it’s the most amazing act in the world, if your place looks filthy. People associate class and price with cleanliness and hygiene, so plan accordingly. Get a floor scrubber, and you’ll never have to deal with picky customers or annoyed individuals who think you could do better, and your business will benefit from it.

Foot Traffic Can Be Overwhelming

Still not convinced that a floor scrubber is a necessary part of running a large venue? Let’s look at some of the numbers that large venues can attract. Small stadiums, such as Sunan Stadium in Pyongyang, or Michie Stadium in West Point, United States hold capacities of 40,000 people. In the mid range, you can find stadiums like the Sun Life Gardens in Miami Gardens, United States, and the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, United States. These stadiums hold in-between 70,000 and 75,000 people. If you’re looking at the largest stadiums around, the numbers go past the 100,000s. The stadiums, arenas, and large retail centres of the world such as malls deal with hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis. When you have that many people moving in an area, they bring muck and filth and dirt with them. They tread in mud, dirt, slush, snow, and other materials you don’t want inside your place, and bring it into your store in both trace amounts and larger pieces. In addition, they wear away at the surface of the floor and cause general damage just from the sheer volume of people and the weight of their bodies and the hard material of their shoes. Left unchecked, you can have a beautiful, welcoming venue turn into a pig stye before you know it. With these numbers, you simply have to prepare for the worst case scenario. Luckily, a floor scrubber can take the punishment of cleaning up after these crowds without missing a beat. You’ll find your venue is just how you want it to be while servicing the crowds you crave. There’s no loss there!

When you have a large venue such as an arena, stadium, or mall, you must take preventative measures as well as reactive responses to the amount of people you get. There’s no getting around the fact that people will damage your floors and leave them a mess if you don’t take the right actions. The best thing to do is to use a floor scrubber that can clean up the messes and protect your floors from further abuse. Your business will only bloom as a result, and you can rest assured knowing it can take on any job.

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