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The First Step to Playing In Tournaments Is A Mumble Server Host

When you were younger, you might have dreamed of being a professional sports star. It’s a common idea for a reason: Kids love the idea of being able to play for a living. A leisure activity being your full time job is good enough, but when you add in all the admiration, love, appreciation, and money you get, it’s no surprise that being a professional sports star is one of the most common dreams for young people. However, when these kids get older, it becomes obvious that this simply isn’t practical. Most people aren’t willing or able to put hours of physically demanding practice in every single day that will tax their bodies to the limit. Injuries are common, especially for sports like football or hockey. Even people who do their best and try their hardest can’t make it to the big leagues. Many people try to go for safe professions instead. However, there’s another way to recapture a slice of this dream. Video game tournaments are becoming extremely popular – and lucrative. The League of Legends Season 2 prize pool was a whopping five million dollars! Teams like Team Solo Mid, Against All Authority, Azubu Frost and Blaze, or Counter Logic Gaming earn their living by travelling around the world and playing in tournaments against other teams. You may not be able to jump into the big leagues, but there are likely local tournaments that can satisfy your urge. However, a Mumble Server Host is a crucial first step to your dream. Read on for an explanation of why Mumble is necessary for you to begin your steps towards becoming a tournament player.

first step to playing in a tournament is a Mumble server host

Start With the Best Foundation

When you play games like League of Legends, Skullgirls, Marvel Versus Capcom, DOTA 2, or Starcraft 2, it’s important to realize that there’s a wealth of knowledge you need to grasp that isn’t immediately apparent. When you play League of Legends, for instance, it’s clear that you need to kill enemy champions and destroy their towers. However, the game never informs you about mechanics like last hitting, positioning, zoning, or champion synergy. You’re forced to learn all of these things yourself through experience. When you play with a team, then you have a safe place to practice all of these skills. You and your team can build a foundation of working together without forming bad habits that could ruin your play. Remember, there’s no room for small mistakes in a tournament, so if you set up a Mumble server host you can stop them before they become an issue. Communication and teamwork is the best way to improve your gameplay at every level, and nothing facilitates those better than Mumble voice chat.

Work as a Team Every Time

Different teams or players on the professional circuit are known for different tactics and strategies. Counter Logic Gaming are famous for playing the long game and picking champions that are good at farming and poking. NesTea is widely considered to be the best Zerg player in the entire world. Daigo Umehara is the best Street Fighter player in the world, to the point where his nicknames include “The Beast” and “God of Fighting Games”. All of these players have their gameplay down to a science, and when they are on a team, know how to rely on their teammates. To be the best player on the best team, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to adapt. If you’re poor at micromanagement, you may be able to win the day through macromanagement and map awareness. If you’re not the best at collecting gold, you may have to gain a lead on your enemies through other means. When you use a Mumble server host you can communicate your failures and plan how to succeed regardless. Playing without voice chat is like playing with one arm tied behind your back! Don’t handicap yourself – use every advantage at your disposal to ensure that you succeed.

Get Used to Tournament Standards

If you’ve ever watched a gaming tournament, you’ll notice a few things about the players. One of the most noticeable thing is that each player is wearing a headset with noise cancelling apparel around it. The reason why they’re wearing this rig is that it blocks out all noise that isn’t the voice chat they use with their teammates. If you want to play at tournaments, you need to be able to roll with the equipment and tools they use at tournaments. Getting used to voice chat and a headset is essential for your success, and it is considered one of the most important parts of teamwork. Without voice chat, you’re playing at a massive disadvantage, and you need to be able to use it efficiently. If you can’t calibrate your microphone, realize when you’re muted, keep your voice level, or talk with your team, you’ll never be a legend! Prepare for tournament communication by using a Mumble server host, and you’ll quickly adapt to the standards expected of professional gamers.

It’s no wonder that most gamers hold at least a small wish to be a professional gamer one day. Very few have the ambition, the time, or the skill to make that dream a reality. It takes time, effort, and a Mumble server host to be one of the greats. Luckily, all of this can be obtained by even the most inexperienced player if he or she just wants it badly enough. If you use Mumble, then you can work with your team to become a good enough player to hold your own at major tournaments. You’ll also adapt to the mindset and equipment used at tournaments. Playing with a Mumble server is like using training wheels for the big leagues – it’s a necessary step to prepare yourself! Download Mumble today and you’ll see how important it is to your cooperative gaming.

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Create Wedding Invitations that Bring Your Personality to Life

After months or years of dating, it’s finally happened – you two have fallen deeply, irrevocably, and sincerely in love.  Being in love with the man you want to marry is an exciting, overwhelming feeling that can turn even the most stoic and calm of women into an emotional person who gets teary eyed at wedding dresses and flower arrangements. Once you’re engaged, it’s inevitable that thoughts of wedding ceremonies, receptions, and vows will float into your mind. You have likely had thoughts of your wedding for a while, and you might have some specific images in mind. While you’re working with planners and vendors, you’ll unfortunately deal with domineering people who want to impose their vision or their favorite trend onto your special day. Even worse, you may deal with pressure from family and friends to make things special for them. Shake off all that pressure and do things your way by having wedding invitations that show your true spirit, and the unique love you share with your future husband. Don’t feel as though you’re limited to just a few, pre-selected options that don’t really represent you and your love. With a custom wedding invitation designer (such as Laura K in Toronto) you can come up with something that really makes your guests’ jaw drop. Here are some ideas on how to create an invitation that just screams ‘you’ without giving into external pressure.

create wedding invitations that speak to your personality

Show Your Perspective

We all go through the world with blinkers on, to some degree. We all have a habit of being a little selfish and going through life with our own priorities first. There’s nothing wrong with this habit, but it does mean that we forget about other people to a degree. We don’t always notice that someone has a personality quirk, a favorite memory, an unhappy trigger, or an incredible desire for their dream. There’s a feeling we get when we realize the absolute scope of the world, and that each person is as fully developed as we are, but it’s a rare one. When you design your custom wedding invitation, you’re showing your perspective, your love, and your personality – not anyone else’s. Your mother might still look at you as her little girl, your best friend might have seen a decorative theme that really spoke to her soul, a vendor might want something that looks fantastic in their portfolio, and a distant relative might want something that represents your ancestry or childhood. Don’t feel the need to be polite and entertain their ideas; just remember that you are the individual getting married, not them, and design your wedding invitations accordingly.

Remember the Little Moments

Every couple has their own unique courtship, their own special moment where they fell in love, their own realization that they would end up marrying this person. You might have experienced this on the day you met, or six months into your relationship, or six years. There’s no right time or a ‘schedule’ you have to follow. However, you can incorporate these amazing memories into your wedding and your wedding invitations. Did he propose to you under a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight, surrounded by the golden leaves of autumn? You can take the blue and gold from this vivid memory and incorporate it into your invitations for a stunning effect. Did you two meet in a virtual world, like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2? Maybe you first talked to each other on a VOIP client and you fell in love with each other’s personalities without ever glimpsing their face. Some couples choose to have wedding decorations and invitations that wouldn’t look out of place in the halls of Stormwind, the towers of Orgrimmar, the world of Tyria, or the hollowed tree of Agartha. Choose something for your wedding invitations that represents the little moments, not the big trends that are totally separated from your day to day life.

Work as a Team

Some brides take the reins on wedding planning and do everything themselves. They may end up with a beautiful ceremony, but it will never be a perfect reflection of their personality and relationship if they don’t include the groom and his input. A wedding is about the two of you sharing your lives together, so why not have something you’ll both love and remember for the rest of your lives? Include his favorite colours and design tips, but have your influence show through as well. The combination of your input and love will make something beautiful and truly unique. You’ll both be able to look back on your wedding invitations fondly and remember the good times that you had working on them together.

Don’t Get Lost in the Planning

A few brides go so far into the wedding planning and the mystique that surrounds weddings and ceremonies and receptions that they become wholly focused on having a wedding fit for a princess. A wedding fit for royalty is a fantastic one indeed, but it’s not one that shows the true you. Stay grounded throughout the wedding process and don’t go overboard with staying to the images you see in magazines, on televisions, or on the Internet. You’ll inevitably come up with something that is straight out of a fairy tale but has no real personal connection or influence from you or your groom. Wedding invitations that show your true, unique personality are far more beautiful than a trendy, cookie cutter invitation.

When you’re looking to get married, you have a lot on your plate! People will be giving you advice and tips that you may not be interested in hearing. Remember to stay strong and do things your way, not bow down to pressure and give in. You’ll end up with wedding invitations that are unique and true to your spirit if you simply look at things from your perspective, work with your future husband, and stay level headed throughout the wedding planning process. Best of luck!


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A Marketing Agency Digs to Find the Precise Audience for Your Company

When embarking on a marketing campaign for your company it is a wise decision to make sure you’re not just blowing your money on smoke and mirrors. There has been quite a number of ‘marketing trends’ which do not stand up to valuation simply because there is no reliable method to quantify their results. Yes, I’m talking specifically about social media, how can you quantify Tweets to the bottom-line? After all, that’s what senior executives, or anyone running a business frankly, wants to know. When deciding on a marketing agency, it’s important that you find a marketing firm that’s going to do attain not only exposure, but a real audience that translates into customers. This is the sort of effort that will deliver basic bottom-line results.

a marketing agency digs to find the right audience for your company

Why Discover an Audience

Why does a company need an audience? What exactly is an audience anyway? Well, we can knock of these two questions with one fell swoop of the answer scythe. A company audience refers to both customers and prospects, by building an audience we are essentially interested in building relationships with customers that will last. Finding the appropriate audience will take some effort, and this is why seeking the services of a marketing agency is very important.

You may think that you know your business inside and out, and chances are that you do. But a business and its operations are only one aspect of the larger picture. Some owners know exactly how to operate their business in an efficient and effective manner but they’re still struggling to operate and many fail. This is simply due to the fact that they have not developed an appropriate audience for their business; it is also why many successful businesses will make a point to invest heavily in a skilled marketing agency, even if that marketing may exceed their service capacity.

Audience Discovery

Discovering an audience can be approached from a variety of perspectives. If a company already has begun their own audience discovery and development process then a marketing firm may decide to simply build on that previous success but with a much more strategic and tactical approach. Some other businesses may need to start from the ground up, developing an audience from scratch with renewed vigor. Alternatively, other businesses may already have very well established audiences and may need to diversify their audience – seeking out new audiences in the fringes of their market or in areas outside of the mainstream.

A marketing agency that really knows their stuff will be able to aid a business in any one of these situations. Whether a business is starting from scratch or already has an established audience. The goal of any marketing firm is to promote a company and improve their market share; building out audiences by promoting a company in innovative and unique ways will be necessary to accomplish this task. It will be critical to make an effort to keep current audience members interested but also engage those who have yet to get on-board.

The Results

Well, many people can sit back and say that building an audience is a good idea, just like they can say that social media has a huge impact on brand exposure and recognition. But the truth may be illusive at times. What is clear is that whenever a company expands their audience they will be spreading their message to a larger group of people who will then be made aware of your business. Essentially, a greater awareness means a greater number of potential customers and word of mouth promotion. While there is some discontent regarding quantifying aspects of digital marketing and content promotion, one thing is clear – the more people know about your business the more people will be buying from you.

So can audience development be quantified? Yes, of course it can. It’s as simple as tracking standard metrics before and after campaigns. Depending on the exact nature of the development plan, these metrics may vary, but some of the most obvious will be leads generated, associated revenue generated, unique visits to websites or properties, unique visitors to assorted content, spread/propagation of content, and other standard metrics such as feed, email, and social account subscribers. A complete quantification of the results can be difficult as there is no way to tell if six months after the campaign has finished whether or not a sale is the results of the original campaign. But gains associated with the audience development work should be clear when conducted by a professional marketing agency.

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