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Employ a Tacky Mat as the New Member of Your Cleaning Staff

Running a small business necessitates that you hire a capable staff. For instance, let’s say you run a bakery. You can’t make everything you plan to sell, make the drinks, get everything prepared, clean the shop, take care of customers, serve the goods, manage the cash register, clean the shop and bathrooms, do necessary maintenance, and take care of every single task yourself while keeping everything under budget and up to your high standards. That’s impossible! So, to make sure everything is done right and on time, you hire staff for your bakery. Every time you hire a new employee for a position, you interview them to make sure that they’re up to the task. When you hire a barista, you make sure that he or she actually knows how to make drinks. The person on the cash register must know how to make change and do the necessary math. Anyone in your kitchen has to work with food and make only the most delicious treats. The real unsung heroes of your business, however, are the cleaning staff. They have to make sure that everything is cleaned up and taken care of at the end of the day and the start of the morning – especially when you’re dealing with a business where hygiene is of the utmost importance. Luckily, there’s a tool that makes their job so much easier. A tacky mat can turn out to be the surprise star of your sanitary staff. What’s this amazing mat, and how does it help your business? Read on for all the details you need to know.

employ a tacky mat as a new member of your cleaning staff

Can a Simple Mat Really Help My Business Sparkle?

You might be skeptical about the power of this mat – after all, how much can it really do? You’d be surprised. A tacky mat is built from the ground up to prevent dirt from getting past its confines. Whereas other mats expect guests to patiently stop, kick their shoes, and scrape their soles against its surface, a sticky mat refuses to lie down and only do part of the work. This mat is durable and tenacious, meaning that it can stand up to the droves of customers coming in to sample your tarts and treats. The top layer is coated with an adhesive. Don’t worry – your guests won’t be tripped up, or caught in a web. The adhesive is specially formulated to only pick up mud, dirt, and other undesirable particles. Rubber and other materials that shoes are made up of will not be picked up or trapped by the surface. The dirt stays on the surface of the mat, until it comes time to strip off the top layer. Waiting underneath is a new, fresh layer, ready to get to work. It’s easy to see why a sticky mat is effective at keeping out dirt while remaining stealthy and underfoot. These products are used in hospitals and construction sites, so you know they’ll be able to take the challenge of your small business on and come out ahead every time.

Why a Mat Serves Your Business Better Than a Mop

Some business owners might look at the description up above and scoff. “I have a cleaning staff.” they might say. “Why should I spend money on a mat when I have employees who can clean up every night and morning?” A tacky mat actually works in tandem with your cleaning staff, and cuts down on issues while smoothing out the workload. You don’t be replacing your staff, just giving them a helping hand. Consider it like this: If you buy an expensive blender or food processor for your kitchen instead of having your employees do the work themselves, is that replacing them, or helping them and giving them the tools to do more? The same principle applies with a sticky mat. Your cleaning staff won’t resent its presence – they’ll love it! In many ways, using one of these handy mats is actually superior to the traditional broom and mop. Here’s a run down that can dazzle even the most uncertain small business owner.

Keep Things Clean Without Going Overboard

Traditional cleaning supplies and methods can contain harsh chemicals. Working around these chemicals can even have an effect on your employees and customers, and you need proper ventilation to make sure everyone is safe. The humble tacky mat, on the other hand, can just have the top layer taken off and be ready to go in a second. No bleaches or chemicals that hurt the environment, and the clean up is far faster. Another benefit to this quick cleanup is that the physical strain on your employees is minimized. Mats don’t require intense chemicals and cleaning supplies.

Remove the Human Element From Your Busy Clean Up

Your employees are a valuable part of your business, and they work hard to help you succeed, but they are also human beings. They make mistakes, they forget things, they take sick days, they go on vacation, and so on. A tacky mat doesn’t need to go to the Caribbean or take a week off for the flu. It just faithfully works to keep your business clean, no matter how busy you are or how many customers you have coming in, or even the time of year. You may have to award it your Employee of the Month award!

If your business is having problems with dirt and dust, don’t panic. There’s a way to keep everything spic and span without breaking the bank on your cleaning supplies and staff. Augment your employees with a tacky mat at the front door, and you’ll notice a change in hygiene immediately. This sticky mat will pick up unwanted particles and stop them from making it any farther, and it’ll be reliable every time you put it down. Don’t use harsh chemicals or rely on employees who can make mistakes or call in sick when a sticky mat can save the day!

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3 Ways Project Management Certification Turns You From a Graduate to a Leader

From birth to death, we’re encouraged to accept forms of authority and follow their directions. When we’re kids, we grow up with our parents teaching us right from wrong and helping us get through the day without everything being a crisis. They teach us discipline, responsibility, and help us get past temper tantrums and the spats of childhood. When we’re older, we’re sent to school. School is the next step after that, and there we learn how to deal with our peers in the form of other kids studying there. Teachers make sure everyone gets their homework done and play nice with each other. When we graduate into high school, we’re dealing with the same environment, with more pressure and higher expectations. Many teenagers start their first job while still in high school, working part time in a fast food joint or a retail store. These experiences pave the way for people to become comfortable with dealing with authority and a chain of command. By the time business and IT students have graduated post-secondary education and enter the workforce, this programming may actually backfire on them. Many people, fresh out of university, lack the ability to lead. Leading isn’t an easy burden for many people to take on after a lifetime of being conditioned to follow. Very few people can naturally break out of their shell and take the reins on a project. There’s a way to reverse that paralyzing feeling you get at the idea of taking charge and turn you from a graduate into a leader. Project management certification is a great way to learn leadership chops without spending years in the trenches. If you want to harness leadership power and learn the fundamentals of being a manager, this is the first step you can take on that journey.

3 ways project management certification turns you from graduate to leader

Shift Your Paradigms and Open New Possibilities

Part of leading is having the ability to see yourself as a leader and what that means relative to your team. There’s a lot of jokes about bad bosses, suspiciously absent team leads, and misanthropic, micromanaging managers. This is because being a manager isn’t so much a science as it is an art – you have to be familiar with your coworkers and colleagues, the project that they are working on, and so on. Just look at the popular television show “The Office”, about a socially awkward boss with no experience with either people or leading and those who have to deal with his shenanigans. The problem with the perception of bosses is that people look at them in the wrong light. A project management certification course helps you get past the wrong conceptions about management and gives you the tools to put your team on the right track.  Think of a sled pulled by huskies up north. Many people think that leaders should be the rider on back, urging the dogs on. In reality, the leader should be the dog in the front breaking a path. Project management is all about being the one to lead a path, no matter how hard the going in. This requires interpersonal skills, a strong understanding of your project, and how the two might combine or clash.

Less Efficiently by Utilizing SCRUM and Agile Techniques

The manager on the American version of “The Office” says “If I had to choose between being feared and loved, I’d choose to have people love me so much it’s scary.” In reality, leadership isn’t a binary between fear and love. You want to be able to lead efficiently and make tough decisions while still having your team respect you and understand your decision process. A project management certification course helps you understand realistic goals versus biting off more than you can choose, and it also helps you understand the steps that you can take to achieve your goals. This means you’ll likely become familiar with the SCRUM and Agile techniques, as well as interpersonal training tactics. These schools of thought are focused around breaking tasks down into easily managed and finished steps, so that an enormous task has many checkpoints along the way. Agile and SCRUM make intimidating tasks seem manageable, and your team will be better able to handle the workload.

SCRUM and Agile Turn Your Subordinates Into a Team

These two leadership schools of thought also centre around having team members take on roles that suit their strengths. These team mates can sometimes switch roles between projects to give them new perspectives, but generally, this style of management allows people to stick to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. Part of being a leader is being able to notice strengths and weaknesses of colleagues and figure out what that means for the project. Very few people are ‘jack of all trades’, so the SCRUM system of using roles is useful at letting people do their best work without feeling the pressure of having to tackle things they aren’t comfortable or familiar with. Project management certification courses help you become familiar with the different roles, their responsibilities, and interpersonal management that you will do with assigning people to duties.

After graduating from post secondary education, you’re likely deeply entrenched in the role of being a follower. If you want to climb the corporate ladder and go for the most fulfilling kind of work you can do, it’s essential to shake that idea. This is where project management certification comes in. It is a forcible way to shake your training since childhood to follow and turn from a graduate to a leader. You’ll have an impressive bullet point on your resume, as well as ready made training that will serve you well in the workforce. If you’re worried that you won’t be able to transition from a graduate to a leader, this is the first step you can take. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or scared – take control, take a course, and be in charge.

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