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From Garage to Residence: Tips to Effectively Turn a Garage Into a Living Unit

Have you heard of the HGTV series, “You Live in What?”? It’s the show that takes a look at the buildings and even the objects that Many creative homeowners have proved that a garage is something you can live in. people have converted into homes. The show has highlighted some of the most unusual establishments, such as aircraft hangars, fire stations, shipping containers, and even train cars – all of which have been turned into homes. If anything, the show celebrates creativity over mere real estate. An increasingly common practice that reflects the creative flair of such homes, is the conversion of garages into homes.

Much like the startling transformations you can see on T.V, it’s possible to achieve similar results with residential garage doors. Of course, there is a process involved and it entails the work of skilled hands to complete the project. If you want to execute such an undertaking, it’s a good idea for you to approach the professionals who can help make it possible.

Have a Purpose

The headline above might seem like a direction from an ancient philosopher. However, this isn’t an Aristotelian manifesto. If you want to turn a garage unit into a housing unit, then it’s essential to have a reason for doing so, and it’s even more important that you stay true to that purpose. A lot of people adopt trends without any understanding of their origins for fear that others may perceive them as wallflowers. Yes, everyone has an inborn desire for social approval, but there need’s to be a deeper motivation for proceeding with such projects. Why?

Seek help from professionals who have experience with residential garage doors to complete your project. Why YOU have to Want it

  • It’s an Investment – Turning a garage into a housing unit is a major commitment and investment on multiple levels. First of all, the costs can be significant. Second, you’ll have to pour a lot of energy and time into it, regardless of whether you are physically involved with it or not. Third, you have to think about how such a project will affect your future. Will this project turn into something profitable or will it become a burden? All of these considerations make it important that you examine your motivations.

The purpose itself can vary. If you are a naturally creative person, then turning a garage into a living unit might almost seem like an artistic endeavour, a therapeutic release. Perhaps your motivation is functional – maybe a family member needs their own “nest” but doesn’t want to live too far away. Converting the garage unit to a house may provide the freedom and closeness they desire. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you are aware of your motivations and to refrain from jumping into a project with the sole intent of seeking attention.

Have a Plan

The second important aspect of converting residential garage doors for habitation purposes is planning. If you don’t have a plan, those brilliant ideas of yours can turn into a mess. So before running off in a mad dash, you need to sit down and hash things out to gain a sense of direction. If you don’t you could land yourself in a rut that’s hard to get out of.

Remember This

  • It’s Hard to Reverse What You’ve Started – An undertaking involving home renovations is not on the same level as simpler tasks, such as assembling a shelf from IKEA. Putting a piece of furniture together can be frustrating, but it most likely doesn’t cause undue stress if it doesn’t go well. However, converting a garage into a living space is not a weekend project. Much more goes into it and once you’ve invested a significant amount of time, energy, and money, it’s hard to go back. So the lesson here, is to plan accordingly.

When devising a course of action, it’s in your best interest to keep some sort of a backup plan or exit strategy. Life is famous for getting in the way and even the best plans can take a detour. Therefore, set yourself up to handle any setbacks or obstacles that may get in the way, and know when it may be best to delay the project.

Making it Happen

Once you’ve figured out your purpose and devised your plan, you can begin the task of converting the garage into a living space. At this point, your creative ideas and vision can start permeate. But you shouldn’t treat the project as lone venture. Make the effort to consult your ideas with professionals who have executed similar jobs. You’ll be surprised how much they can contribute to your idea. More importantly, they can point out flaws that you do not immediately recognize and could be detrimental to your goals. Their input isn’t meant to discourage you, but it’s there to make sure that the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Additional Points to Think About

  • How it Will Affect Your Home’s Appeal – Residential garage doors are a major selling point for homes, so you’ll want to give serious thought to such a project. Although it’s not unheard of, converting a garage unit is something everyone is into, so such modifications may turn potential buyers of your home away if you plan to sell.

  • Common Areas that Require Attention – Although every garage unit is different, many of them will require work in some common areas. For example, you may need to address heating and cooling issues, figuring out whether the new unit will require it’s own system or one that’s tied to your actual house. An electrical service upgrade might be necessary to ensure that this newly added unit can support the energy demands of those who will live in the house. Also, smaller details such as the addition of windows and lights are necessary since the occupants will want to feel like they’re living in a house, rather than a garage.

It Can Be Tricky Yet Rewarding

There’s a lot to consider with such a renovation. It could very well be the largest house-related undertaking you’ll ever get into. There will be a lot of planning and finances involved. Despite all of these factors, converting a garage into a living space can be a very rewarding home improvement project. Your success will depend heavily on the prep work you do beforehand. Also, the outside help you seek, namely professionals who have experience residential garage doors, will play a role in how the job turns out. Ultimately, the project should be driven by a reasonable intention, rather than the mere desire to appeal to the eyes of others. With that said, your efforts and your passion will keep you on track as your garage slowly, but surely morphs into a home of its own!

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