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5 Awesome Inspirations for a Custom Cornhole Board

Designing a board for cornhole is a chore for some, but an art for others. If your view falls into the latter category, you probably get excited when you see a beautifully designed board. Or if you see a blank one, you might start to visualize all sorts of artistic renditions that may look good on it. Are you in the process of getting a custom cornhole board that’s more than just an ordinary slab of wood? If so, read on. You’ll find a few examples below that can inspire you when it’s time to buy.

A Collection of Cool Cornhole Boards

First of all, it’s worth noting what makes a custom cornhole board appealing to the eyes. It is subjective at the end of the day, but there are some universal traits which you can find in just about all of them. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Traits of Appealing Boards:

  • Solid Theme – Most cornhole boards – the good ones at least – have a single theme that’s clear and evident. The colors and logos of a particular sports team is the most common choice among tailgate enthusiasts. But there are those who go for different themes. These could be anything – anime, nature, or pop culture – there are no wrong or right ideas.
  • Sound Use of Color – In conjunction with the theme, the best looking cornhole boards make good use of color. There’s isn’t too much to overwhelm its appearance, (too little can be a good thing if you’re a minimalist!) and there aren’t any shades that are too dull or distracting. It’s all about balance.
  • Simple Design – There are still a lot of people out there who think that good design is complicated. They’re way off. The best designs in anything, cornhole boards included, are those that are simple but well-executed. Take cues from those that are appealing yet uncluttered – you’re most likely to appreciate a board with that kind of look.

The Cornhole Gallery

With the above-mentioned list in mind, it’s worth taking a look at examples of cornhole boards that are eye-catching. See how they compare with the traits listed in the previous section. You’ll most likely find that they meet some of these characteristics.

An Exhibit of Awesome Cornhole Boards

Pin-Up Theme

Eye candy for you and your cornhole board, a pin-up theme is nostalgic and cool


If you want something that’s “retro” and nostalgic, you might enjoy a pin-up theme – an increasingly common option for cornhole boards. Among them are illustratrations that deserve many kudos. The flawless rendition of these 40s and 50s pin-up models, and the added shadows and lighting can make these boards worthy of hanging on your bedroom wall. Even though there may be ton of artistry, they’re relatively simple – you’ve got a clear theme and the drawings are well placed to prevent clutter.

Duck Hunt Themed Cornhole Boards

 Classic video games can look great if executed right


Another “retro” idea lies in the realm of classic video games. In this case, we’re talking 8-bit. The theme on the board above incorporates the NES classic, “Duck Hunt”, originally released in 1984. Like the sailor boards, the illustrations are “pitch-perfect”, and will evoke an instant longing for “old times” among those who grew up playing the game. The designers were clever in terms of how they placed the images – the hole as a target reticule and bird right dead center of it. Again, the theme is clear and even though there’s a whole “scene”  unfolding on the board, it’s not cramped in any way to hurt your eyes.

Jetpacked Themed Cornhole Boards – Sixty100 Branding and Design Agency

If you’re not into the retro style, go for a futuristic look


Perhaps you want something that’s a bit more futuristic. If so, take a look at these jetpack-themed boards from the design agency Sixty100. They too feature great illustrations, but they’re not as depictive as the previous two examples. If anything, they look much like a logo (which makes perfect sense, since the creators are graphic designers), one that could pass off as a memorable symbol for a person, sports team, or company. Look at the use of color here – it’s minimalist in nature since you only get two for each board (red/white or blue/white) and they’re not too dull or bright.

Poly Coated Wood-Stained Cornhole Boards

A beautiful example of simplistic design- nothing more than a poly coating


Sometimes the best looking custom cornhole boards are the ones that don’t have too many embellishments. Consider a board that makes use of wood-stained design. The beauty of these boards stems from the avoidance of paint and illustrations. It’s mainly the bare wooden surface that’s treated with a poly coating to give it a unique stained appearance . The lesson to learn here? Don’t overthink your design – you might already be halfway there.

Chic Cornhole Board From Roosevelt Park Cornhole Tournament

If you love design, you may want to get a board that looks like this


The board pictured above was snapped at a Roosevelt Park cornhole tournament in Detroit. Due to the angle it was taken, you might have to rotate your head a bit, but you’ll notice how sleek the design is. It’s as if Apple designed it! The style is very minimalist, with a solid light blue background. You get the name “model” written in a straightforward and black font, and a white circle with the letter “D” at the bottom. The arrangement is so simple, yet it feels so artsy at the same time. If you’re into things like design, fashion, or toys, then a cornhole board of this nature might be the right one for you.

Reminders When Coming Up With Designs

Before you decide to roll with these ideas or something else, keep a few things in mind about execution. You want to make sure that your vision doesn’t get tainted by a few bad decisions. By doing so, you can be sure to own a custom cornhole board that you’re proud of, and love looking at.

Before You Proceed:

  • Be honest with your abilities – If your design skills aren’t really up to par, then think twice about designing your own board. Not everyone is an artist, so there’s no shame in hiring someone with the technical skills to pull it off. That leads to our next point.
  • Let someone draw it for you – You most likely have a friend who’s been drawing since they first learned to hold a pencil. If so, ask if they’re willing to spend some time sketching up your design. Make sure to explain your idea to them in the best way possible, so they can capture your vision on paper. Remember, it will only turn out as good as you can describe it.
  • Hire professionals – Finally, make sure to hire a professional tailgating company when it comes time to actually print the design on your cornhole board. It’s the safest way to ensure a quality job, which amateurs can’t guarantee.

A Cool Cornhole Board is Yours to Own

When deciding on how to design your custom cornhole board, keep some of the design techniques mentioned above in mind. Also, don’t be afraid to Google for cool inspirations, and lookout for other boards if you attend tailgating parties in the near future. You’ll most likely stumble upon a few that pique your interest. Most importantly, when the time comes to execute, rely on a trustworthy company who can ensure that what you want is what you get. By following these pointers, you’ll be sure to emerge with a cornhole board that makes you proud!




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