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5 Awesome Inspirations for a Custom Cornhole Board

Designing a board for cornhole is a chore for some, but an art for others. If your view falls into the latter category, you probably get excited when you see a beautifully designed board. Or if you see a blank one, you might start to visualize all sorts of artistic renditions that may look good on it. Are you in the process of getting a custom cornhole board that’s more than just an ordinary slab of wood? If so, read on. You’ll find a few examples below that can inspire you when it’s time to buy.

A Collection of Cool Cornhole Boards

First of all, it’s worth noting what makes a custom cornhole board appealing to the eyes. It is subjective at the end of the day, but there are some universal traits which you can find in just about all of them. Let’s take a look at what they are.

Traits of Appealing Boards:

  • Solid Theme – Most cornhole boards – the good ones at least – have a single theme that’s clear and evident. The colors and logos of a particular sports team is the most common choice among tailgate enthusiasts. But there are those who go for different themes. These could be anything – anime, nature, or pop culture – there are no wrong or right ideas.
  • Sound Use of Color – In conjunction with the theme, the best looking cornhole boards make good use of color. There’s isn’t too much to overwhelm its appearance, (too little can be a good thing if you’re a minimalist!) and there aren’t any shades that are too dull or distracting. It’s all about balance.
  • Simple Design – There are still a lot of people out there who think that good design is complicated. They’re way off. The best designs in anything, cornhole boards included, are those that are simple but well-executed. Take cues from those that are appealing yet uncluttered – you’re most likely to appreciate a board with that kind of look.

The Cornhole Gallery

With the above-mentioned list in mind, it’s worth taking a look at examples of cornhole boards that are eye-catching. See how they compare with the traits listed in the previous section. You’ll most likely find that they meet some of these characteristics.

An Exhibit of Awesome Cornhole Boards

Pin-Up Theme

Eye candy for you and your cornhole board, a pin-up theme is nostalgic and cool


If you want something that’s “retro” and nostalgic, you might enjoy a pin-up theme – an increasingly common option for cornhole boards. Among them are illustratrations that deserve many kudos. The flawless rendition of these 40s and 50s pin-up models, and the added shadows and lighting can make these boards worthy of hanging on your bedroom wall. Even though there may be ton of artistry, they’re relatively simple – you’ve got a clear theme and the drawings are well placed to prevent clutter.

Duck Hunt Themed Cornhole Boards

 Classic video games can look great if executed right


Another “retro” idea lies in the realm of classic video games. In this case, we’re talking 8-bit. The theme on the board above incorporates the NES classic, “Duck Hunt”, originally released in 1984. Like the sailor boards, the illustrations are “pitch-perfect”, and will evoke an instant longing for “old times” among those who grew up playing the game. The designers were clever in terms of how they placed the images – the hole as a target reticule and bird right dead center of it. Again, the theme is clear and even though there’s a whole “scene”  unfolding on the board, it’s not cramped in any way to hurt your eyes.

Jetpacked Themed Cornhole Boards – Sixty100 Branding and Design Agency

If you’re not into the retro style, go for a futuristic look


Perhaps you want something that’s a bit more futuristic. If so, take a look at these jetpack-themed boards from the design agency Sixty100. They too feature great illustrations, but they’re not as depictive as the previous two examples. If anything, they look much like a logo (which makes perfect sense, since the creators are graphic designers), one that could pass off as a memorable symbol for a person, sports team, or company. Look at the use of color here – it’s minimalist in nature since you only get two for each board (red/white or blue/white) and they’re not too dull or bright.

Poly Coated Wood-Stained Cornhole Boards

A beautiful example of simplistic design- nothing more than a poly coating


Sometimes the best looking custom cornhole boards are the ones that don’t have too many embellishments. Consider a board that makes use of wood-stained design. The beauty of these boards stems from the avoidance of paint and illustrations. It’s mainly the bare wooden surface that’s treated with a poly coating to give it a unique stained appearance . The lesson to learn here? Don’t overthink your design – you might already be halfway there.

Chic Cornhole Board From Roosevelt Park Cornhole Tournament

If you love design, you may want to get a board that looks like this


The board pictured above was snapped at a Roosevelt Park cornhole tournament in Detroit. Due to the angle it was taken, you might have to rotate your head a bit, but you’ll notice how sleek the design is. It’s as if Apple designed it! The style is very minimalist, with a solid light blue background. You get the name “model” written in a straightforward and black font, and a white circle with the letter “D” at the bottom. The arrangement is so simple, yet it feels so artsy at the same time. If you’re into things like design, fashion, or toys, then a cornhole board of this nature might be the right one for you.

Reminders When Coming Up With Designs

Before you decide to roll with these ideas or something else, keep a few things in mind about execution. You want to make sure that your vision doesn’t get tainted by a few bad decisions. By doing so, you can be sure to own a custom cornhole board that you’re proud of, and love looking at.

Before You Proceed:

  • Be honest with your abilities – If your design skills aren’t really up to par, then think twice about designing your own board. Not everyone is an artist, so there’s no shame in hiring someone with the technical skills to pull it off. That leads to our next point.
  • Let someone draw it for you – You most likely have a friend who’s been drawing since they first learned to hold a pencil. If so, ask if they’re willing to spend some time sketching up your design. Make sure to explain your idea to them in the best way possible, so they can capture your vision on paper. Remember, it will only turn out as good as you can describe it.
  • Hire professionals – Finally, make sure to hire a professional tailgating company when it comes time to actually print the design on your cornhole board. It’s the safest way to ensure a quality job, which amateurs can’t guarantee.

A Cool Cornhole Board is Yours to Own

When deciding on how to design your custom cornhole board, keep some of the design techniques mentioned above in mind. Also, don’t be afraid to Google for cool inspirations, and lookout for other boards if you attend tailgating parties in the near future. You’ll most likely stumble upon a few that pique your interest. Most importantly, when the time comes to execute, rely on a trustworthy company who can ensure that what you want is what you get. By following these pointers, you’ll be sure to emerge with a cornhole board that makes you proud!




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Open for Business: Why Seasonal Vendors Need to Schedule Dust Control

Every athlete worth their salt knows that the off-season isn’t a time to “veg” out and eat junk food. Sure, a few guilty pleasures here and A thorough inspection may reveal that your business requires better dust control. there  won’t hurt, but the effects of overindulgence will carry over when the regular season begins. That time off should be used to train and get in shape. Seasonal businesses face a similar proposition. It may be tempting to blow all that hard-earned cash on who know’s what, but a wise person will use the off-season to revamp their business. Cleaning up for another period of sales is a vital task, and among that job should be a serious dust control effort. There are numerous reasons why this should be a priority, and doing so can save your business from unwanted consequences.

A Few Months Off Equals Months of Dust Buildup

What happens when someone doesn’t shave or cut their nails for a few weeks? The obvious outcome is an overgrowth that can turn out to be inappropriate, depending on the person’s career. Similarly, a buildup of dust is inevitable when a business space remains closed and unattended for long periods of time. The progression of time and lack of care can fester into much bigger messes, and it’s in this scenario that the various hazards of dust can manifest.

It’s More than Just a Chore

It isn’t unusual for kids, even adults, to resent house chores. It’s fair to feel this way especially after a long day of hard work. In business, the feeling can be the same- after a tough season, why spend so much time cleaning up when you can do something more relaxing? You deserve to have some downtime but if you’re serious about your business, pleasure shouldn’t come at the expense of responsibility. Remember, you are accountable for the state of your business, and whatever happens, good or bad, ultimately stems from your actions. Maintaining a clean setting by means of dust control keeps your business in good standing with the public. However, it’s worth taking a look at what happens if you ignore this important task.

A dust control job can save essential business electronics from damaging particles. Effects of Inadequate Dust Control in Business

  •  Health hazards – An excess of dust is first and foremost a health hazard to those who set foot on your premises. This is especially true for those who suffer with chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma, allergies, and more serious problems such as lung cancer. The other thing to think about are health and safety inspections. If a standard test reveals that your business is unsafe, you can expect anything from fines to mandatory closures.
  • Equipment damage – Apart from the risks to human health, there are risks to your equipment and machinery. It’s well known that dust causes damage to electronics, and these effects can be detrimental to your business if you rely on computers and other gadgets. Replacing these devices can cost you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, so it’s wise to invest some time in dust cleanup before reopening for business.
  • Reduced appeal – It’s true that dust is everywhere and attempts to completely get rid of it are futile. However, a buildup of it looks unsightly and turns people away. Think of an old, dusty shelf or room full of cobwebs. You would probably want to think about something else! This very reaction could occur among your customers if they see tons of particles floating around. Remember, a poor appearance can cost you a sale even if you sell a good product or service.

 Making the Cleanup Happen

You most likely recognize the importance of dust control in business, but what’s more important is that you take action. The longer you let things linger, the bigger the cleanup will be, limiting the amount of time you can devote to other important tasks. Starting early is important. It can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of tools and resources to make the job easier.

For a Job Well Done

  • Set time for an assessment of the property – It’s important that you take a detailed look at how much dust has affected your premises before commencing the cleanup. This first step will help you identify the main “trouble areas”, so that you spend the right amount of time and money where your attention is needed most.
  • Call for professional help – Depending on the circumstances, you may want to entrust the job to experienced contractors. This reigns true for cleanups that are very large in scale or involve the removal of hazardous particles, such as asbestos.
  • Use of efficient dust removal equipment – Efficient equipment is at the heart of any dust removal job. Make sure the machinery at your disposal is adept at removing harmful particles. Dust vacuums equipped (almost always equipped with HEPA filters), are one of the essentials for the tasks, but you can also benefit with devices such as air scrubbers.
  • Get the job done before you open – You should start before you officially open your doors for business, and the sooner you do so, the better. It’s easy to underestimate the scope of such a project, and you certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself scrambling at the last minute. Reopening a business can be a stressful time, so it’s best to get a major cleanup out of the way, early.

 Don’t Open Shop Before a Dust Cleanup

Opening for another season of business is certainly an exciting time. The prospect of setting new sales records and attracting new customers/clients, can be exhilarating just to think about. However, you shouldn’t forget the prep work that makes these results possible. Within that realm, you should give serious consideration to the cleanup of your premises, which should include dust control measures. Remember, the health of customers is partially your responsibility when they set foot onto your property. A facility that’s dusty and poorly maintained leaves a negative impression in the minds of visitors, perhaps enticing them to shop elsewhere. Pondering the consequences, both good and bad, can motivate you to put a dust removal job at the top of your to-do list.

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Location, Location, Location – The 3 L’s of a Successful Tailgating Party

The business adage “location, location, location” stands as one that you’ve probably heard at least a few dozen times. It makes a lot Picking the right location is essential for your tailgating party to be successful. of sense. If you take a sports apparel store that caters to urban athletes in out in the country, you can expect that things are going to fall apart rather quickly. On that same token, a tailgate party that takes place in the wrong spot can make the gathering a forgettable one, perhaps, regrettable. Although your tailgating tables and game sets are essential to your party, they won’t do much for you if your guests are uncomfortable. So it makes sense to devote some time to the “geographics” of your get-together.

The advice to “devote” some of your precious time to finding the right spot might seem a bit heavy-handed. You might think the opposite and say that there’s nothing too complicated about picking the right location. While it’s true that the task is not a rubix cube-like mindgame, there are some factors to think about. Fortunately, this article has tips on how you can locate the perfect ground on which to host your party.

Narrowing in on the Ideal Spot

The activities you plan to include will determine your ideal location. In all the major sports like football or basketball, players need to be in the right place at the right time if they want to make good plays. If you are fan of either, you’ve probably heard commentators saying that so and so always knows where he needs to be when they have to. You need to do the same when planning for a tailgating party. Thankfully, you have much more than a few precious seconds to make decisions unlike athletes on a field or court. With that said, it’s worth taking a look at your situation and the circumstances you may have to face.

The Factors that Will Determine Your Choice

  • Number of guests – Take a look at your guestlist (or number of email RSVPs). The number of names that appear on that list will play a big role in the location you choose. Naturally, a greater amount of attendees means you’ll need to find a spot that can accommodate all those people. A smaller number of people will allow you to get away with choosing a more “intimate” space.

  • Quantity of equipment – If you’re hauling a ton of stuff with you, then that too will make some locations better than others. Like a higher number of people, a greater amount of equipment will necessitate a larger space. With that said, you should strive to bring tailgate tables that are portable, lightweight, and compact, so that space doesn’t remain an issue.

  • Activities you plan to include – Are some of your tailgate games going to involve a ton of throwing (ie. cornhole)? If so, then take that into account. Your choice of activities may bring on a need for greater space, or they may take up the minimum. If you’ve invited a few kids, consider a larger space even though your activities may require minimal space. After all, they are kids and they will run.

  • Property laws – Now this one’s an essential. Certain commercial spaces (parking spots and fields) may be off limits when it comes to their usage. You may recall the NFL banning tailgating parties in the parking lots of some major stadiums. Therefore, know beforehand if there are rules and regulations that will render a location of limits.

Once You’ve Found Some Spots…

The previous section can serve as a checklist. In fact, try it out and you may just see that the stress of finding the right spot will wear off. You’ll narrow your choices down to those few worthwhile spots, and then you can zero in on the exact choice.

A Second Setting Deciding Factors

  • Access to the main road – This is important, because a sudden thunderstorm or downpour could force you to abandon the festivities real fast. That’s one of the reasons why parking lots are a prime choice. Additionally, it’s just a heck of a lot easier to head out when it’s time to drive home. Even a lightweight tailgate table that’s easy to carry can turn into a burden when there’s a big distance to travel.

  • Land usage – The other thing to think about is how other crowds use the space for your desired location. Depending on who uses it, you could find yourself in a spot that resembles a miniature landfill. This could actually present itself as a safety hazard since some objects like glass or certain chemicals could linger in the space. Therefore, you’ll want to lookout for those fields or lots that have a volume of traffic.

  • Wildlife – Finally, there’s a little something to be said about animal presence. You obviously wouldn’t want to host a tailgating party where there have been reports of coyotes running around. Ignoring that would be insane. But even smaller animals could cause problems. A flock of hungry seagulls might turn the event into an embarrassing ordeal for some of your guests. So be cognisant of such animals.


Once you’ve considered all the above factors, the perfect spot will jump out at you. If it’s not one, then maybe two or three. You can always involved the opinions of your guests as to which would be the perfect location if a few options still linger. Naturally, tailgating parties usually unfold in parking lots and grassy fields next to sporting venues. However, the deciding factors listed above may take you to an unexpected and exciting place, so don’t sweat it. As the cliche says, go with the flow! The most important thing is that you prepare ahead of time, so that you don’t have to put up with any drama. Make sure that your tailgate tables are up to par and can handle the elements and repeated use. Take some practical steps as well, such as watching weather forecasts. Remember, your tailgating games are serious business, so remember the adage “location, location, location”. Your guests will thank you for it!

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When Medical Malpractice Worsens Age-Related Injuries

We put a lot of trust in the health care providers that take care of our elderly family members. This is important since it gets harder Look out for visible signs and call a medical malpractice lawyer if you suspect abuse. to take care of older ones as they age, especially when dealing with a busy schedule. However, there is a growing problem that the elderly face – medical malpractice. What’s even more unfortunate, is the fact that much of this malpractice is intentional and abusive. If you have an elderly family member who requires care from a health provider, you may fear for their well-being and even suspect that they face such atrocious behaviour.

Fortunately, your fears don’t have to remain unaddressed. There are steps you can take to find out what takes place when your family members are in the hands of healthcare providers. If you were to find out that your relative sustained injuries from poor treatment, you can rely on medical malpractice lawyers to address the situation and put an end right away. It is completely unacceptable to have this abuse (or any form of abuse for that matter) take place, and therefore, you can be sure to have legal backing in order to free your relatives from this dilemma.

The Epidemic of Elder Abuse & Malpractice

It’s hard to imagine why a person would want to harm an elderly person. They’re vulnerable and already susceptible to injury and illness. However, we live in a society where apathetic individuals have unfortunately found their way into professions that require a profound sense of empathy. The lack of adequate screening makes it easy for doctors and nurses with a less-than-favourable temperaments to enter the profession, making Barrie retirement living negligence more common.

Two Sides of Insensitivity

The insensitivity among some of today’s doctors and nurses can take on various forms. That’s one of the reasons why it can be hard to identify individuals who shouldn’t be in the medical profession outright. Within the circle of doctors and nurses who commit these crimes, there are professionals with varying temperaments.

Traits of Abusive/Negligent Doctors and Nurses

  • Overly-Aggressive – These are the doctors and nurses who are impatient and intimidating. They are the ones who raise their voices and deal harshly with elderly patients, grabbing and even hitting their patients. These individuals are more likely to commit abusive acts outright.

  • Apathetic – On the other side, you have those who are not particularly aggressive, but display insensitivity in a passive manner. These are the health care providers who act blind or deaf to the complaints of elderly patients or ignore the behaviours of their more aggressive counterparts. These individuals are more likely to perform procedures negligently.

When it comes to elderly abuse, these are the two groups of people that medical malpractice lawyers usually encounter. Of course, such individuals can be more complex and indistinguishable.

The Effects of Malpractice on the Aged

As mentioned earlier, the elderly are more susceptible to injury due to their age. Also, the fact that they are in a healthcare facility, whether it’s a hospital or a nursing home, means that they are in a state that requires a gentle and supportive treatment. Therefore, when elderly patients receive harsh treatment, the extent of their illnesses and injuries are amplified.

The Health Effects of Malpractice & Abuse

  • Physical Pains – When the malpractice or abuse is physical, elderly patients will usually experience physical pain. This can result from the various ill-practices, including deliberate abuse, inadequate treatment/care, and the negligent administration of medications. Complications can arise from poorly performed medical procedures and this could lead to a rapid decline in a patient’s well-being.

  • Visible Trauma – This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a loved one is facing abuse. The sight of bruises, scars, sprains, and even broken bones can reveal the possibility of abuse on the part of a doctor or nurse.

  • Weakened Cognition – Another dangerous effect of malpractice and abuse is a decline in cognitive function. Victims of abuse will often see a sharp drop in their concentration, memory, and ability to reason. It is also common to see such individuals see worsening in dementia symptoms.

  • Emotional Turmoil – One of the most unfortunate effects of malpractice are the emotional problems. Depression and anxiety are common in elderly patients who are abused, and these emotional problems can lead to an even faster physical decline.

What to Do if it Affects You

If you can recognize some of the above-mentioned signs in your elderly family members, then you should continue to watch closely – even try to investigate what’s taking place. It’s important that you make the effort to do so since elderly patients may be too fearful to tell you how they feel, or may not even realize what is taking place.

  • Keep Your Senses Tuned – If you have a suspicion that malpractice or abuse is taking place, then it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings. First and foremost, look for unusual physical signs when you visit your elderly loved one. Do they have unusual marks or bruises that weren’t there before? Are they complaining of symptoms they never had before? Also, listen to how the nursing staff deals with other patients. Do they speak with an irritated or aggressive tone? Are they sarcastic with these patients? All of these signs can give hints as to what takes place when you’re not around.

  • Call in a Medical Malpractice Lawyer – If signs of negligence or abuse are apparent, then you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible (such as Wynperle Law in Hamilton, Ontario, 25 Main St. West, Suite 400, L8P 1H1, 1-866-696-0300). When abuse and neglect takes place in a hospital or nursing home, it usually takes place over a long period of time and little effort is made to end it. Of course, you don’t want your loved ones to endure ill-treatment, so calling in a lawyer to investigate and prosecute those involved with medical malpractice can resolve the issue.

Protect Your Loved Ones from Malpractice

Don’t let the suspicion of negligence or abuse slip away as an exaggerated concern. If you notice that there are signs which point to behaviour or practices that seem unusual, then it’s worth your time to look further into the issue. There’s place for remaining idle. Always keep track of your family member’s condition and don’t be afraid to ask the nursing and medical staff questions. You might be able to discern the true nature of the situation by noticing discrepancies between their answers and how your family member feels. If abuse or neglect seems likely, then don’t hesitate to hire a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you and your family put an end to the worry. Not only will you help your own loved ones, but taking action may expose widespread behaviour in a facility and thus save the lives of countless others.

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Why Injury Lawyers Take Action When Doctors Misdiagnose Family Members

As we grow up, we are taught to respect and trust authority. When your teacher tells you to work on your homework, you go home  You should be able to trust this professional – but she could have something other than your best interests in mind.and crack the books. If a coach informs you that you need to work on your performance, then you spend extra time doing laps to bring your performance up. There is no one that we are expected to trust and respect more than doctors. These medical professionals have dedicated years of their lives and thousands of dollars to learning about the human body and the potential illnesses or injuries that can affect it. Most people have grown up with regular checkups and visits to the doctor. While doctors are human beings and can make mistakes, we always expect them to do their absolute best and always have the patient’s best interests in mind. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes a doctor can misdiagnose or dismiss a patient, leading to long term health issues and consequences that get worse over time. When this happens, a patient must take the power back into their hands through personal injury lawyers. These professionals are trained to identify issues with a doctor’s misdiagnosis and help a victim gain resources that can facilitate their recovery. Medical malpractice lawyers help minimize the damage from a misdiagnosis. To find out more about the avenue of action you can take after a doctor fails you, read on.

Do No Harm: Why Some Doctors Aren’t At Their Peak When Dealing With Patients

We like to imagine that our doctor is always at the top of his or her game when we visit him for an appointment. Shockingly, sometimes he or she can be underslept, overslept, hungover, or even high! One in ten physicians grapple with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Doctors also are not immune to the pressure we feel during summer or the end of a week. The amount of malpractice cases spike on a Friday, as your physician probably just wants to go home and enjoy their rare time off. Meanwhile, in July doctors go on vacation, and so new professionals take their place. Finally, there is a shortage of certain medical professionals and medical facilities are overwhelmed by people who need help. There are long wait times and lots of red tape blocking your average person from seeing a specialist. Personal injury lawyers see a shocking amount of patients that are ignored or maligned by a doctor. All of these factors combine to ensure that going to see a medical professional can be a gamble – will you get an expert who is awake, sober, and focused, or someone who sees you as a number on a chart that needs to be checked off before they go home?

Patience With Patients: Why Some People Get Worse Treatment Than Others

Further complicating this equation is the fact that medical professionals can hold dangerous biases towards certain patients. These biases can manifest in misdiagnoses and other dangerous advice. For instance, a male doctor can sometimes see female patients as blowing things out of proportion, being hysterical hypochondriacs, or dealing with psychosomatic (psychologically induced with no physical cause) pain. Working off these assumptions, a doctor can tell a female patient that her migraine is due to stress, when really further testing could reveal a tumour. An overweight patient might be told to go lose weight when really their thyroid is malfunctioning and causing serious chemical imbalances. When these patients leave with their supposed diagnoses, their condition will only worsen, and can lead to serious health problems and in extreme cases even death. After this point, personal injury lawyers would need to intervene due to malpractice. When patients are in pain or struggling with illness and injury, they often can’t bring themselves to advocate against a person in authority. That’s why the presence of a lawyer is so important.

When Do Medical Malpractice Lawyers Need to Intervene?

Sometimes a misdiagnoses is unfortunate but action doesn’t need to be taken. For instance, someone who is ill might be given antibiotics when they could fight the infection off on their own. While this is technically a mistake on the doctor’s part and will lead to long term health ramifications, those exact consequences are quite minor and are part of a systemic problem with how we view antibiotics as a society. However, if a doctor informs you that your breathing issues and chronic pain are because you are overweight and sends you away with instructions to exercise, and it turns out that those symptoms could have easily been checked with further testing to reveal a serious problem, then it is time for intervention. Personal injury lawyers can advocate on behalf of the wronged party. Justice could mean that the patient gets the resources to obtain the treatment and care they need, and minimize the damage of the misdiagnoses. It could also lead to the doctor facing professional consequences. Oftentimes after dealing with unprofessional medical care, people blame themselves. Instead, they should fight back with the support of a lawyer.

Personal injury lawyers help fight back against doctors who have misdiagnosed a family member’s illness. These professionals are sometimes unprepared for the duties of the day ahead, overwhelmed by personal circumstances, or simply dealing with their own biases and baggage. In any case, they should be held accountable for the damage they caused. Ultimately, the patient and their needs should come first. They put their trust and health in the hands of professionals. For a doctor to discard that and take actions that lead to further medical issues is an act that demands justice. If a family member has been misdiagnosed, don’t allow the issue to be swept under the rug.

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From Garage to Residence: Tips to Effectively Turn a Garage Into a Living Unit

Have you heard of the HGTV series, “You Live in What?”? It’s the show that takes a look at the buildings and even the objects that Many creative homeowners have proved that a garage is something you can live in. people have converted into homes. The show has highlighted some of the most unusual establishments, such as aircraft hangars, fire stations, shipping containers, and even train cars – all of which have been turned into homes. If anything, the show celebrates creativity over mere real estate. An increasingly common practice that reflects the creative flair of such homes, is the conversion of garages into homes.

Much like the startling transformations you can see on T.V, it’s possible to achieve similar results with residential garage doors. Of course, there is a process involved and it entails the work of skilled hands to complete the project. If you want to execute such an undertaking, it’s a good idea for you to approach the professionals who can help make it possible.

Have a Purpose

The headline above might seem like a direction from an ancient philosopher. However, this isn’t an Aristotelian manifesto. If you want to turn a garage unit into a housing unit, then it’s essential to have a reason for doing so, and it’s even more important that you stay true to that purpose. A lot of people adopt trends without any understanding of their origins for fear that others may perceive them as wallflowers. Yes, everyone has an inborn desire for social approval, but there need’s to be a deeper motivation for proceeding with such projects. Why?

Seek help from professionals who have experience with residential garage doors to complete your project. Why YOU have to Want it

  • It’s an Investment – Turning a garage into a housing unit is a major commitment and investment on multiple levels. First of all, the costs can be significant. Second, you’ll have to pour a lot of energy and time into it, regardless of whether you are physically involved with it or not. Third, you have to think about how such a project will affect your future. Will this project turn into something profitable or will it become a burden? All of these considerations make it important that you examine your motivations.

The purpose itself can vary. If you are a naturally creative person, then turning a garage into a living unit might almost seem like an artistic endeavour, a therapeutic release. Perhaps your motivation is functional – maybe a family member needs their own “nest” but doesn’t want to live too far away. Converting the garage unit to a house may provide the freedom and closeness they desire. Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you are aware of your motivations and to refrain from jumping into a project with the sole intent of seeking attention.

Have a Plan

The second important aspect of converting residential garage doors for habitation purposes is planning. If you don’t have a plan, those brilliant ideas of yours can turn into a mess. So before running off in a mad dash, you need to sit down and hash things out to gain a sense of direction. If you don’t you could land yourself in a rut that’s hard to get out of.

Remember This

  • It’s Hard to Reverse What You’ve Started – An undertaking involving home renovations is not on the same level as simpler tasks, such as assembling a shelf from IKEA. Putting a piece of furniture together can be frustrating, but it most likely doesn’t cause undue stress if it doesn’t go well. However, converting a garage into a living space is not a weekend project. Much more goes into it and once you’ve invested a significant amount of time, energy, and money, it’s hard to go back. So the lesson here, is to plan accordingly.

When devising a course of action, it’s in your best interest to keep some sort of a backup plan or exit strategy. Life is famous for getting in the way and even the best plans can take a detour. Therefore, set yourself up to handle any setbacks or obstacles that may get in the way, and know when it may be best to delay the project.

Making it Happen

Once you’ve figured out your purpose and devised your plan, you can begin the task of converting the garage into a living space. At this point, your creative ideas and vision can start permeate. But you shouldn’t treat the project as lone venture. Make the effort to consult your ideas with professionals who have executed similar jobs. You’ll be surprised how much they can contribute to your idea. More importantly, they can point out flaws that you do not immediately recognize and could be detrimental to your goals. Their input isn’t meant to discourage you, but it’s there to make sure that the project goes smoothly from start to finish.

Additional Points to Think About

  • How it Will Affect Your Home’s Appeal – Residential garage doors are a major selling point for homes, so you’ll want to give serious thought to such a project. Although it’s not unheard of, converting a garage unit is something everyone is into, so such modifications may turn potential buyers of your home away if you plan to sell.

  • Common Areas that Require Attention – Although every garage unit is different, many of them will require work in some common areas. For example, you may need to address heating and cooling issues, figuring out whether the new unit will require it’s own system or one that’s tied to your actual house. An electrical service upgrade might be necessary to ensure that this newly added unit can support the energy demands of those who will live in the house. Also, smaller details such as the addition of windows and lights are necessary since the occupants will want to feel like they’re living in a house, rather than a garage.

It Can Be Tricky Yet Rewarding

There’s a lot to consider with such a renovation. It could very well be the largest house-related undertaking you’ll ever get into. There will be a lot of planning and finances involved. Despite all of these factors, converting a garage into a living space can be a very rewarding home improvement project. Your success will depend heavily on the prep work you do beforehand. Also, the outside help you seek, namely professionals who have experience residential garage doors, will play a role in how the job turns out. Ultimately, the project should be driven by a reasonable intention, rather than the mere desire to appeal to the eyes of others. With that said, your efforts and your passion will keep you on track as your garage slowly, but surely morphs into a home of its own!

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Blurred Lines: What’s the Difference Between Traditional and Digital Art?

When we think of a master artist, what comes to mind? You probably think Van Gogh’s painting, Starry Night. Perhaps you remember Michelangelo’s the Creation of Adam. Picasso, Monet, Da Vinci, Dali, O’Keeffe… the list goes on and on. We can recall famous artists from around the world who pushed themselves to the absolute limit and mastered their art. However, there’s one thing in common with the greatestDigital graphic design is more popular than ever! artists that many people remember when the topic comes up. They all used a brush, canvas, paints, and pencils. These tools were the only way to go about painting, sketching, and drawing during the time when these artists practised their trade. However, digital art has become increasingly prevalent in the last few years. The tools for creating art on your computer have become more sophisticated and accessible as time has gone on. Now, young artists can access a digital representation of any tool just by clicking the mouse a few times. A graphic designer is more likely to be versed in Photoshop and Illustrator than paints and brushes. Toronto is filled with artists who are breaking all of the rules of the traditional mediums and taking up the digital path. What does this mean for a business? What format works better for your needs? Is a digital copy the same as the traditional foundation? This article takes a look at all of these questions to explain the difference between traditional and digital art.

Tangible Versus Abstract: How Real World Art Brings Pros and Cons to the Table

Painting on canvas, creating a wire structure, or carving a statue out of clay creates a tangible product. This is great for many of the “upscale” forms of displaying and discussing art. If you go to an artist’s exhibit at a gallery, many of the shows you will see are focused around actual physical pieces of art created with traditional methods. Digital art, by contrast, tends to be a file on a hard drive that can be passed around. There are pros and cons to either format. Digital art allows you to put the files on a USB stick, tuck it in your pocket and carry it around with you. While digital art can be printed out on a canvas, there’s high costs associated with professional printing and backing. However, art created on a computer can be transported instantly. No time is needed for ink or paint to dry. There are tradeoffs with either way of creating art. Therefore, it behooves your company to check and see what kind of art you need for your upcoming campaign. A physical structure certainly has its pros for campaigns, especially ones that need to draw attention in public. However, digital art is versatile, straightforward, and has less risk associated with it. A graphic designer is far more likely to know the ins and outs of digital art. Toronto is a big city with room for either mode of creation. Each style has its benefits and drawbacks.

Is Your Company Courting Risk By Choosing One Medium Over the Other?

Each style also has its own risks. If you’ve ever watched an episode of Ace of Cakes, or Cake Boss, you probably know that the most nail biting parts of every episode is when the cake itself needs to be moved. Whether it’s from the baking table onto a portable tray, or in a van across the city, dozens of precautions need to be taken to ensure the cake doesn’t take a spill and get everywhere. Physical art has many of the same issues. If you try to take a huge canvas painting or a sculpture across long distances, you could be courting disaster. Of course, digital art isn’t risk free. A graphic designer has probably had the heart stopping moment where the computer shuts off suddenly. You scramble to make sure you saved and you have a backup copy. Losing a hard drive or failing to back up your work can mean that hours of work just vanish into the ether. No matter which form you choose, be aware of each format’s risks.

How These Two Forms of Art Differ at a Glance

Many of the leading digital art programs like Photoshop and Manga Studio offer digital representations of popular art tools. Sketchbook Pro allows users access to a digital version of the entire Copic marker library, while Manga Studio 5 allows users to create virtual watercolours. Does this remove the barriers between art? Does everything look the same no matter where it came from? Not quite. There are some visual differences between the two mediums. Digital art, being created on a monitor without tangible materials, has a distinct look to it. A digital piece often looks “shinier” than it’s physical counterpart. A graphic designer is less limited by the physical properties of paint and canvas. Toronto streets are busy, and a piece of digital art might stand out better amongst the competition with the bright, flat look of virtual brushes. However, physical art allows for a more full experience. Seeing every brush stroke and layer of paint goes a long way for helping a viewer engage with a piece.

Which Piece Represents Your Brand Better?

A graphic designer knows that you should take a different approach depending on the public perception of your brand. Toronto is full of many different companies with their own visual styles. If Coca Cola released a gritty art campaign with heavy brush strokes and thick layers of paint, it would just feel wrong even if it had the signature red background and white swirl. Meanwhile, a smaller brand with a more defiant attitude releasing a sleek, glossy piece of marketing would feel out of character. Before you make a decision, remember to consider your brand’s existing image.

When you’re looking for a graphic designer for your next campaign, you’ll have no shortage of choices. Choosing someone in the city of Toronto will require you to sift through their portfolios and take a look at what they have to offer. While there are many different styles and artistic choices someone can make, one of the biggest divides is between digital and traditional art.

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Why Paying For HTML Training Is a Smart Investment

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood movie or a cable crime show, you’ve probably seen some depiction of how the average person sees using a computer for more than just Solitaire or Facebook. Computer experts in these big budget entertainments are often able to hack traffic lights, zoom in on pixellated license plates, or hack into the President’s personal network. The real world of computer use is a little less glamorous, but seems similarly unattainable by your average (but casual) computer user. Many people content themselves with social media, online games, HTML Training makes you a more versatile and valuable, and documents. This is fine for many people, and is a legitimate way to enjoy your free time. For the professional who’s looking to climb the corporate ladder in today’s competitive workplace, your resume needs a little pizzazz. A computer nerd can hack into the New York City network in seconds in the Die Hard movies, but can a trained programmer can get themselves a career much faster than their peers? The answer is yes. This is less glamorous, but infinitely more useful for the ambitious young professional. Of course, it’s difficult to get started on this task. You may not be fighting off terrorists or tracking down a criminal, but you have to pick the relevant languages, teach yourself, and manage this all on your own. If you’re smart, though, you may look for HTML training or Java training instead. Here’s why taking training courses is a smart career investment for a young person in the workforce.

Programming Is the Smart Choice for a Jack of All Trades

If you look at a high school student or an undergraduate’s resume, you’ll likely see they have computer skills such as ‘proficient in word’, ’80 wpm’, ‘experienced in powerpoint’, and ‘have a good knowledge of Excel’. These are basic computer skills that allow someone to survive in an office environment. However, if you want to advance higher in a career and accept more challenging positions, then programming is a smart choice. Programming is used in most industries and is the lifeblood of any program or innovation. Furthermore, having a strong understanding of how it works allows you to excel in most fields. As technology advances, this is becoming more true. As an example, let’s look at the field of elementary and high school teachers. As recently as two or three years ago, the idea of a teacher having some knowledge of programming would be silly. In today’s world with faculty all being online and student scores being registered in software, it’s far more useful. The nerd webcomic XKCD published a comic about what happens when a school lacks technical programming knowledge. While a student named Robert;’”;DROP TABLE Students;– will likely never be enrolled in a school, the joke draws attention to how knowing basic programming is essential to keep things running smoothly. HTML training is a great way to familiarize yourself with these issues before they slow you down.

Why Business Demands a “Bilingual” Approach

Programming is a field that is broken into different languages. It’s impossible for one employee to be fluent in all of these programming languages. However, it’s a wise career decision to choose one that is likely to pay off for you. More obscure languages may be able to pull off great technical feats, but they require a high time investment. HTML and Java are both ‘layman’ languages which can be used in many everyday tasks. Java training, for instance, is far more likely to pay off in your career than Perl. This is because Java is the second most popular language in the world, and is used in more programs and software. Perl may have legitimate uses, but they’re more likely to apply to certain niches. For a more broad skillset that looks appealing to employers, look at HTML and Java.

Stand Out from the Crowd of Applicants With Your Programming Skills

The job market is highly competitive. The global recession is coming to an end and the markets are recovering, but there’s still a surplus of applicants for any entry level position. Employers are looking for only the best and most talented applicants. There are a few ways to put yourself at the forefront of their minds. First of all, your interview etiquette must be impeccable. Make sure you sit up straight, smile, and have sharp answers for all of the tough questions they throw your way. Keep your social media presence absolutely pristine online. Most importantly, you should look at your resume. Your resume is the first impression you’ll make on a potential employer. Earlier we mentioned that inexperienced applicants will list qualifications such as Microsoft Office programs or typing speed. These skills are often used as a filler. Having actual talents and valuable skills you bring to the company will make you stand out. Cut the filler and the fluff and pack your resume with value. Job training courses are a great way to fill up blank spots in your resume without having to resort to weaker skills.

HTML training is one of the skills that make employers sit up and take notice. Getting your foot in the door and drawing notice is one of the most difficult things in today’s job market. Fellow applicants fill up their resumes with filler points in the hope of looking experienced, but there’s no substitution for strong job skills. Taking training courses helps you cultivate these skills on a budget, and prepare you for your upcoming career. Even if you’re planning on working outside the IT department, being a businessperson bilingual in programming is one of the best things you can ever do for your career.

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Why Dock Equipment is a Tool, Not a Replacement, For the Warehouse Employee

If you live outside of a big city, then you’ve probably seen a series of headlines at least once. These news stories will discuss a big factory coming to town and offering lots of jobs, or a factory closing down and how the local economy will be affected. Warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings are a big shot in the arm for the local economy in small towns and mid-sized cities. These can create hundreds or even thousands of jobs. However, this means that some people can be equipment of the tools that help dock workers. People think of a futuristic world where jobs are outsourced to robots. Science fiction works such as the novels by Isaac Asimov and William Gibson have only furthered this perception. We think that equipment meant to help the worker is actually a step towards automating those tasks and eventually removing the human element. This means that people can have a hostile attitude towards technology, especially in the small towns that rely on factories and warehouses to create jobs. However, you can rest assured that dock equipment is a friend and ally to the dock worker – not a replacement. Here’s the reasons why this equipment makes an industrial employee’s life easier.

Dock equpiment is the warehouse employee’s best friend

The Equipment ‘Evens Out’ the Differences in Each Loading Bay

Warehouses, factories, and any building with a loading dock are not built to anyone standard. This is problematic in and of itself, but the issue goes farther than that. Different trucks have different sizes and dimensions as well, meaning that two trucks can have totally different distances from the loading bay. Add in the fact that a truck’s distance from the loading bay changes when there is a great deal of cargo within it. All of these factors can lead to a wildly inconsistent gap between the loading bay and the trucks. This is a huge factor in employee safety and efficiency, and it’s not something that can be fixed without dock equipment. Luckily, dock levellers and other pieces of gear do the job perfectly. Whereas transferring cargo across the gap without equipment requires a keen eye, nearly perfect movement, and a lot of luck, using the right equipment allows the transfer to go smoothly and quickly. A frustrating job that can have big consequences becomes much more straightforward.

Get the Job Done Without Damaging Cargo and Causing Other Issues

When industrial employees have to work in an environment without dock levellers and other pieces of equipment to bridge the gap, they’re at risk. For a moment, consider the fast paced environment of a warehouse and the requirements that the workers have to meet. Without the proper set up, you’re going to end up with people making mistakes. When the gap isn’t bridged, the cargo is likely to get banged up and damaged. This is a big deal for a company and can seriously affect the bottom line.

The Right Equipment Preserves the Health of Your Employees

There’s a more serious consequence to consider, however, and that is employee health. When you’re working without dock equipment, you have a dangerous work environment. Employees are forced to take measures that can hurt their physical health. There are two types of injuries that come from this scenario. The first is low level but chronic wear and tear that comes from the repetitive motions of warehouse work without using the proper form or having back up. Shoulders, wrists, neck, the back, your waist, and knees can suffer pain and tightness. This low level pain leads to small injuries that build up over time. You may have a torn rotator cuff here, or a pulled muscle in your back there. However, the second kind of injury is worse – a sudden catastrophe that leads to a serious, long term disability. If you’re a warehouse employee, either of these situations can lead to lost wages, lost job, a disability, or even the end of your career. This is why the right equipment is mandatory for any warehouse, factory, or industrial environment.

Dock Equipment Gives a Business a Bright, Smooth Path to Success

More than just dock levelers are available for the warehouse employee. While these are the largest and most prominent pieces of equipment, there are several other things that are much smaller. Dock lights, for instance, are set up to give dock workers better visibility and make things nice and safe. Without these lights, it’s difficult to spot things and the work is sloppier as a result. Dock bumpers are another useful tool. When the truck backs up, hitting the wall is a good way to cause damage to the truck, the wall, and even the cargo. A bumper absorbs the blow and makes sure everything is nice and safe. Without these protective measures, workers are at greater risk for injury as well as mental stress. Finally, wheel chocks are small and inexpensive devices that serve and incredibly useful purpose. These chocks go under the tires of a truck waiting to receive cargo. The truck then remains stationary with no sliding forwards or rolling back as the workers go about their job. Again, this lowers the chance of injury and gives the work consistency and ease for the employees. These are all examples of how the right equipment helps the warehouse employee do their job.

Small towns and mid sized cities have their economies flourish due to warehouses, factories, and other industrial businesses. These people often treat the idea of mechanical equipment with some suspicion, as it seems like it is the first step towards a future where warehouse tasks are automated. Don’t worry about this idea. This equipment is not meant to replace the job of the warehouse employee. Instead, it’s supposed to make them safe and keep them prepared to handle their workload. No matter how tough or smart they are, no warehouse employee can do the job on their own. The equipment is a great way to solve many problems and make things easier for them.






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Today Vs. Timeless: Which Look Will Your Brand Embrace?

Style is fleeting. Every fashion fan knows that what is hot today is tepid tomorrow. Some styles are a real flash in the pan – they’re all the rage for a short period of time, then they fade away. Other styles keep recurring over and over, or are integrated into major trends. In short, some kind of visual aesthetics are fads, and others are cultural staples. Graphic design firms are trained to tell the difference between the two styles. However, one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Careful application of either style can have some dynamic results. Should your company live in the moment, or look for the future? There is no one true answer to that question, but the experts can look at all the contributing factors. In a city like Toronto, your brand needs to stand out, since you’re competing with dozens of companies selling a similar product or service. Will you choose to go with something that screams ‘2013’, or will you go with something more stately and refined? Graphic design experts can help guide you along that decision depending on factors like your budget, target demographic, future plans, and so on. The path you end up on may determine your business’s success. A more thorough explanation of the difference between ‘classic’ and ‘current’ is below, as well as the pros and cons of either approach.

Graphic design firms start with a blank screen, but end up with your company’s brand and path

What is the Difference Between the Two Aesthetics?

You can’t always tell the difference between a style of the ‘now’ and something that is classic and timeless at a glance. This is because each style can draw from the same creative source and inspiration. It’s also important to note that many people create a style that seems like a fad but proves to have staying power. Often we need a few years of time to see how the dust settles on a logo or a look. However, there are some tell tale signs that something is not meant to last. If there is time sensitive language or looks in an advertisement, that is a clear sign that something is a flash in the pan. As an example, hashtags on Twitter are something that are currently en vogue, but are unlikely to last more than a few years. When you see something that in an advertisement that is doomed to become dated, it is meant to be a visual shorthand. There is economy of information in this kind of advertisement – use of something very ‘current’ and cool shows that the company is savvy, clever, and cool. This technique sacrifices a long shelf life in exchange for being simple and effective. When something is timeless it rarely relies on these visual crutches and goes for more subtle or elaborate effects.

Real Life Examples of Each Path Created by Graphic Design Firms

Either approach has proven to be successful. We can look at some competitors in the same industry to see how the two styles play out and the long term effects for the company. If you consider the field of computers, who are the two biggest names? The answer is Apple Computers and Windows. These two competitors go with different advertising styles.

Timeless and Classic: Apple has chosen a timeless, minimalist look whereas Windows is constantly innovating their brand and upgrading it to match the style of today. In 1976, Steve Jobs commissioned a modern logo. Graphic design firms still study and attempt to emulate the result today. Rob Janoff created a simple silhouette of an apple with a single bite out of it. The logo was originally coloured in with beautiful rainbow shades. In 1998, the logo was changed to monochrome for a more mature look. Since then, no changes have been made, and the same simple logo graces all Apple products today. That’s quite a lifespan for a brand!

Innovative and Modern: Microsoft, on the other hand, is constantly changing their logo to suit the style of today. The logo is always built around the same image – a four paneled window. However, each iteration has a new style on that theme. Early on the panels were framed by thick, heavy lines. Later those black lines were dropped in favour of something cleaner and more sophisticated. The next iterations framed the colourful four panel logo with different colours and text. The most recent style is sleek, angular, and monochrome. Each redesign marked a change in the company’s approach, product line, and overall mindset.

Another Real Life Example of Timeless vs. Today

We can see another approach with the soft drink giants Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. These drinks each have their own take on the same product, but their branding efforts have been wildly different.

Timeless and Classic: Coke has an iconic logo that has only undergone minor changes. There may be a different frame or a minor tweak to their brand, but it remains largely consistent. Their bold red and white colours combined with their elegant, loopy font manages to give the effect of class and even elegance without coming across as stuffy or uptight.

Innovative and Modern: Pepsi, on the other hand, have taken more risks and gone with more changes. We can see these changes in the history of their logo. While they have always stuck with red, white, and blue, they do not have a set formula for use of each colour, and they are unafraid to tweak the centre sphere of their brand. The results are modern and interesting, although they lack the same staying power and visual strength of the more consistent Coke.

Graphic design firms have a grasp of each visual style and how they relate to brands. They’re the experts in the field who know which path is best for your company. In a city like Toronto, you can see people attempting to take either path without realizing why they work. This means that they disappear amidst the noise of the city. Take advantage of their comprehensive knowledge and keen eye for trends by having them rehaul your brand. You’ll be surprised at the effective results. Whether you want to be ‘in the now’, or more of a consistent staying power, you want to have your look overhauled and refined by graphic design experts.




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