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Where to Find The Best Cissp Training Course

The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) was created to address the growing need for an industry-wide standardized certification program back in the early 1980s. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium was then formed after the Special Interest Group for Computer Security managed to pull together a few interested organizations. Their goal was to create what is now known as CISSP. So you’ve decided it’s time to take a CISSP training course, but where do you start? How do you begin? Let’s take a look at some of the options that are available to you.


Are You A Beginner?

Entry-level certifications may be what you need if your career path includes CISSP certification. By starting off with the fundamentals and pre-training courses you’ll be better informed and better prepared to qualify for the certification when you need to take the test. There are a variety of courses that will help you to gain better knowledge in core fundamentals pertaining to the CISSP pre-requisites. You will want to plan on Information Security work of some kind in order to better your knowledge in this area. This includes studying materials, taking courses, and even professional networking.

Which Training Course Is Right?

There are a variety of training courses to choose from and the choice can quickly become daunting. You’ll want to make sure that the course you pick is both reputable and affordable; you can investigate this by doing some simple internet searches. You should be wary of courses that offer “100% guarantee pass” type of incentives because there is usually fine print and this is almost always a ploy to get you interested. Not to say that these courses are of a lower quality, but it’s never advisable to have this promotional tool make your decision. That said, there are some extraordinary training courses available to choose from.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Be certain that the CISSP training course you decide upon addresses specific testing strategies. This is especially important as the CISSP exam has much more to do with general expertise, requiring practical knowledge, rather than a simple question-answer exam. Knowing what you are getting into and preparing appropriately are very important aspects of that you should consider when making your final decision. You don’t want a cookie cutter course, you want access to someone who has real knowledge, training, and is passionate about both expressing and teaching the knowledge.

Regardless of how you decide to approach training for the CISSP certification there are some fundamentals that will be necessary to maximize your success. Apart from a training course it is always advisable to implement your own study process and stick to it!

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What Leadership Development Program Is Right For Your Business?

Are you feeling hungry this 2012 and looking to classify future leaders within your company? Well, if you do things right and choose an appropriate superior; you could boost your business’s assurance, originality and flare the alteration of amazing beliefs within your organization.

Have you always wondered how Amazon keeps their employees attentive, adequate and continuously smiling? Is it magic? Is it money? Or is it simply company organization?

Leadership Development Program

Surprisingly enough, Amazon’s dirty little secret is the one responsible for their leadership development program which has made them a shining star in customer service.

So what leadership development program is right for your business? Several leading experts would state centralized advancement is something that would typically get dismissed from businesses because they are only out there to gain money, not spend it. But, these experts also state that disdaining the value of growing your business with your very own in-house expertise can be a big mistake. Not only do these leadership programs benefit your company with success and make your employees feel more connected, but it can also conduct great ideas from one section of your business to the whole organization.


Evaluating Your Goals

In order for your company to begin the leadership program, you need to understand and make sure that your business has clear and concise goals and visions. You may feel that this would be a no brainer to do, but several organizations that have taken this step in the past have come to realize that many companies exempt the very first step which actually makes it difficult to encourage new leadership.

As the business owner of the company, you need to first ask yourself: What do you want your future leaders to accomplish? For example, Amazon has strong pinpoints between their employees and customers, so if anyone were to speak to a client over the phone the individual walks away with a pleasant experience as an Amazon customer.

Defining Your Business Goals

Now the goals and visions you develop for your business should be something that can be accomplished. If the goals and visions are not believable, that means you jeopardize compromising employee trust. If you take a minute to think about it, several of the successful businesses throughout the globe create certain objectives that they can do and can clearly act on.

Another great reason to clasp onto setting leadership goals is because you can treat them as a change ambition that could recompile your businesses overall strategy. Basically what that means is that people need to voluntarily devote themselves in new opportunities to a job, and by refurbishing your company’s goals will allow them to do so.

Motivating Your Empoyee's

If your company is still one of many who is weaning off from the recession and you put your employees through a leadership workshop, it will help re-motivate them, boost companionability and create new objectives that very well could have the potential to provoke your employee’s creativity.

Brain Injuries: Statistics & How They Occur

Often enough, being an unfortunate victim of a traumatic brain injury can result in a large amount of damage to an individual’s life. In a lot of past cases having a traumatic brain injury could cause long term or permanent, physical, emotional and mental troubles that people do not understand such as; the victims employers, family members and friends which result in leaving the victim under a lot of stress. Also brain injuries can result in long term medical, financial and emotional damage to the victim’s family who may even become their sole caregiver. If you or a loved one has been a victim of brain injury because of someone else’s negligence you should contact your Hamilton personal injury lawyer immediately.

Brain Injury Victims

Not only do brain injury victims suffer from pain and suffering, but they all suffer from lost wages as well as a lot of important expenses. In the past many survivors of traumatic brain injury are younger adults that could never return to their work. Although brain injuries could often be mild, a victim that had severe brain injury can experience psychological effects like long term depression, prolonged anxiety, lost of social interaction, slow or no improvement and need daily assistance.

Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer


Brain injuries can be anywhere from mild, moderate or severe. Mild brain injuries can result in loss of consciousness and a small change in mental state. A moderate brain injury can involve impact to the head or violent shaking. The victim could lose consciousness for minutes or even hours and could even remain confused for days or weeks. Now severe brain injuries can result from a penetrating blow to the head and result in permanent brain damage or even sometimes death.

Traumatic and acquired are two categories brain injuries fall under. A traumatic brain injury may occur from an external force where an acquired brain injury could result from an internal source such as a stroke or an external one. Traumatic brain injuries can include anything from concussions, contusions and penetration. Anoxic or hypoxic are categorized as an acquired brain injury.

How They Occur

Nearly 50% of fatal brain injuries are a form of some drug or alcohol abuse. 28% of traumatic brain injuries are caused by vehicle accidents and 50% of brain injuries are so severe that they require hospitalization. Sport and physical activity injuries represent another 20% of injuries and another 10% of brain trauma is caused from assaults and violence. The other 45% of brain injury can be caused from a wide variety of other unfortunate accidents.


  • As a rough estimate, 2 million head injuries occur every year. However, 1.5 million of those injuries are not fatal and do not require any hospitalization.
  • Each year over 55, 000 victims die from a traumatic brain injury.
  • Males are twice as likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury and are more likely to die from the injuries rather than women.
  • The highest statistical risk of brain injury involves people ages from 15 to 24.


Ten Principles In Developing An Engaging Website

In the online world today, there truly is no such thing as a single tool or tactic that will guarantee your businesses marketing success. However, in order to be successful on the web you need to take on a holistic approach by analyzing the best tools to meet your company’s distinct objectives Marketing Successwith your specific target market in a particular timeline and budget. All in all, this requires you to do full research, planning and strategizing.Online Presence

So the question is, how does your business establish a concrete presence across the web without a SEO Marketing Services Toronto company holding your hand? Having a presence online is not an easy task and fast procedure – After all each business has different requirements and objectives. The truth is there are common fundamental components that go into building a powerful and engaging website for your company.

Below you will find ten tips you will need in order to set your business on the right path to developing an engaging website:

1.       Do Not Let Your Visitors Think
As ironic as things in life, the online world’s biggest strength also acts as its strongest challenge. In order to communicate across the web, your business needs to project an extremely large sum, compassing users of different age, culture and social capital backgrounds. Your website needs to be immediate and effortless to each user across the web. If a visitor needs to stop and think about how to operate your site, you have simply lost.Do Not Let Your Website Visitors Think

2.       Originality
Something that multiple SEO Marketing Services Toronto companies experience on a regular basis is their clients yearn to mimic whatever everyone in their industry is doing, whether it is good or bad. To put it this way, your website should serve the purpose as a branch of your company brand. Your site should express the uniqueness of your company rather than act as a carbon copy of what your competitors are doing.

3.       Tell A Story
An excellent way to communicate information to your website visitors in an engaging and unforgettable manner is to tell a story. Rather than unloading paragraph after paragraph of technical and complicating information to your visitors which tends to be ignored; telling a story will personalize the way the information is presented and actually provide your readers with relevant content in a more personal matter.

Listen To Your Audience4.       Listen To Your Audience
Having the option to listen to your audience is one of the most important tools that the web has today. A message is broadcasted to accumulate in one direction where as traditional marketing and advertising tools fall within multiple models of communication. Internet forms, online surveys, live chat logs, blog comments and social media are all tools that are used to listen to your audience and respond to their needs and feedback.

5.       Ever Hear The Saying, Less Is More?
Having a cluttered and overbearing site can defeat its own purpose especially if it encounters or distracts itself from the overall message. Giving your website design and content a little room to breathe can be a good thing.

Less Is MoreWebsite Structure6.       Remembering How Your Site Is Constructed
When you are communicating to your audience online you need to also think about the importance of what is behind the scenes. Having a well built website will ensure your users, regardless of the browser, operating system or connection source have the same experience when visiting your site. You need to also remember that having a well constructed site can influence your position on search engines along with affect how well you can maintain and edit your website.

7.       Content Is King
While you are in the process of designing your website you should consider developing the content because the message is simply the most important aspect to your site. You need to design your website to support your content, not the other way around. Being brief actually counts when you are developing your content for your site. Stay away from repetitive content and cut anything out that is non-important.Content Is King

8.       Test, Test and more Testing
While you may think this is relatively easy, it is frequently overlooked. Go over your website copy 10 times if you have to and make sure your images have alt tags along with having proper meta data for the search engines. Also make sure you test your website in all browsers; IE, FF, Chrome and Safari.Test

Website Updates9.       Be Fresh!
Update your website as much as possible because it will improve your SEO strategies remarkably. When you include relevant news and or a blog, you give your visitors a reason to come back while also providing up to date info about your company.

10.   Set Anchors
Silly question, but if you want people across the web to visit your website you need to find opportunities to set anchors. It is a real given that each marketing material you have should be linking to your website. If your business is not engaging and taking advantage of social media, then it is time for you to get moving because this is exactly where your competitors are.

Website Anchors

Having an online presence can only be beneficial for your company if you allow it to be. It is extremely important that you make every effort to consistently do it right and do it well. Although it does take constant control and effort to build trust and personality through all online mediums, it only takes one small impression to ruin a potential client relationship so be sure to make it count!

12 Breast Cancer Myths Exposed

You are probably one of many women who have heard the scary myths about what causes breast cancer or increases your chances of becoming a breast cancer victim. Below I will help you break those myths so you do not have to go to a local Toronto naturopathic clinic to find out the truth:

Myth Number 1: Wire Bras

This myth was based off an old theory that an underwire bra would reduce lymphatic drainage and increase breast cancer risk, but that was never based off of any date and definitely does not affect breast cancer risk.

Myth Number 2: Antiperspirants

There has been no proven study showing a link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. Below are two points of origin for this cancer myth:

Parabens: Paraben is a chemical preservative used in some antiperspirants and other products and may increase estrogen levels which are linked to breast cancer risk. But, there is no true decisive link and multiple companies have discontinued those ingredients in antiperspirants.

Mammogram Prep: Certain antiperspirants contain a bit of aluminum which can show in some mammograms as a false-positive result.

Myth Number 3: Radiation From Screening Tests

Mammogram’s give off a small portion of radiation, but it is such a low level that it would not increase the risk of breast cancer. Also MRIs and ultrasounds do not contain radiation at all.

Myth Number 4: Exposure To Air Causes Cancer To Spread

Multiple doctors are asked about this certain myth – When you have surgery for the cancer and it gets exposed to the air, it causes the cancer to spread. That is extremely untrue and many people are worried because naturally cancer can spread, but it is not caused by a surgeon cutting into a tumour.

Myth Number 5: You Have To Have Family History Of Breast Cancer To Get It

Multiple women who get diagnosed with breast cancer that do not have a family history of it seem especially surprised. It is less than 10% of breast cancer victims that get it because of family history.

Myth Number 6: You Cannot Do Anything About An Inherited Risk

A strong family history of cancer is a risk factor, but that does not mean just because women in your family had breast cancer means you are destined to get it. Genetic testing can help you understand your inherited risk and allow you to make choices about your future care.

Myth Number 7: Occurs Only For Older Women

The chances are of you being older and getting breast cancer is definitely a risk factor, but that does not mean younger women can’t get it. It actually is more aggressive in younger women and can be diagnosed at any age.

Myth Number 8: Plastic Surgery

One good advantage for woman who would want to increase or decrease their breast size, is that there is no risk of breast cancer. A study actually proved that woman who decrease their breast size, have a lower risk of breast cancer by 60%, depending on how much they take off.

Myth Number 9: Double Mastectomy Prevents The Return Of Breast Cancer

If you have already had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy, the breast you remove that does not have the cancer will prevent the risk of breast cancer in the future, but removing the breast that already had the cancer, it still leaves you with a 3-4% risk of recurrence.

Myth Number 10: Why Bother With A Mammogram, They Are Not Accurate

In the last couple of years there has been controversy when a woman should get a mammogram – whether it should be age 40 or age 50. But, it actually left many women feeling that a screening test is almost pointless.

Young women have denser breast tissue than older woman, so basically the younger you are, the better to have a mammogram because it will be more accurate. Just remember having a bad mammogram is a lot better than not having one at all.

Myth Number 11: Self-Exams Are Pointless

There is no doubt that self-exams are worth all your while because for one it is free and easy to do. The saying really is true; Good things come from being familiar with the shape of your own breasts.

Myth Number 12: Abortion & Miscarriage Increase Breast Cancer

There is no research to support the idea that the early end of a pregnancy through miscarriage or abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer.

The above facts should help you better understand the risks of breast cancer and plan for your treatment.

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Bullying And The Effects It Has On The Brain

In more recent years, bullying has been on the mind of us all especially with self starter blogs. I have read multiple articles on the emotional developmental impacts of bullying on young people and I have always wondered what happens to ones brain when they are bullied?

The section in the brain that helps with two important bully-related affairs is the Anterior Cingulate Gyrus because it moderates our fear responses. Take for example, when a small child is threatened or pushed during recess hours, this certain part of the brain goes into hyper drive which either calms them down or signals their fight or flight adrenaline responders. Also with this part of the brain, it plays a role in an individual’s capacity for empathy. In bullying situations it is crucial to try to understand where the bully is coming from or to learn certain social boundaries and guidelines.

Also the Amygdala responds to environmental emotional stimuli and helps individual’s deal with stress.

The Effects Bullying Has On The Brain:

When certain areas of the brain are over-active due to continuous bullying or fear of being threatened in social situations, the brain does not develop or function properly. Teens can become more impulsive, aggressive and permanently anxious when there is an overactive stress response system in their Amygdala due to continuous bullying.

Studies have proven that when children have suffered from psychological abuse they have 40% smaller Corpus Callosums which leads to deranged shifts in moods, trouble with social intelligence and also makes it more difficult for teens to process what is going on around them and allow them to respond correctly.

Studies have also shown that there is a decrease in blood flow to the Cerebellar Vermin in the brain stem which can cause certain impairments. When you have less blood flow in this area it means depression, irritability and impaired attention spans.

Permanent stress is also what many victims describe when they have been bullied during school hours and it also causes increased release of Norepinephrine. When an individual is under stress, this can lead them to permanent anxiety or the inability to think clearly on a daily basis.

So, what do these effects of bullying to the brain have on us? Well, first it of course, I hope gives us more motivation to implement and build anti-bullying strategies within schools. It also allows us to know that there is a reason why bullying can alter a child’s moods or emotional states after an incident happens. We as adults need to work together to prevent bullying, but also give the time and space to teens to let their emotions, self-esteem and brain to properly recover from bullying situations.

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Welcome To Tatched!

Did you know you attach your life with hundreds of people each month? – I mean that in an extremely vague way! And with those people you learn who they are, what they do and why they are who they are, but wouldn’t you want to attach yourself in a better more fashionable way? Today I am here to introduce myself, tell you about this new blog and why I am here.

My name is Racquel Watson and I am a single 28 year old living in the ‘Big Smoke’ working as a Personal Support Worker and a Cocktail Waitress. I moved to Toronto from Michigan with my Dad when I was about 2 and a half years old so he could have a better lifestyle and job – To tell you the truth it was the best thing he ever did for himself and me!

So why the blog and why the weird name ‘Tatched‘? Well basically next to becoming a PSW and a Cocktail Waitress I really enjoy speaking to the public about the public, especially when I as a person get to know people in a different way where I attach myself to other people! The blog will be all about people and anything from relationships to health to entertainment – Basically you name it!

Look forward to articles in the next coming months and help engage with the blog community and start attaching yourself to the world!

This blog is all about people for the people*

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