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When Medical Malpractice Worsens Age-Related Injuries

We put a lot of trust in the health care providers that take care of our elderly family members. This is important since it gets harder Look out for visible signs and call a medical malpractice lawyer if you suspect abuse. to take care of older ones as they age, especially when dealing with a busy schedule. However, there is a growing problem that the elderly face – medical malpractice. What’s even more unfortunate, is the fact that much of this malpractice is intentional and abusive. If you have an elderly family member who requires care from a health provider, you may fear for their well-being and even suspect that they face such atrocious behaviour.

Fortunately, your fears don’t have to remain unaddressed. There are steps you can take to find out what takes place when your family members are in the hands of healthcare providers. If you were to find out that your relative sustained injuries from poor treatment, you can rely on medical malpractice lawyers to address the situation and put an end right away. It is completely unacceptable to have this abuse (or any form of abuse for that matter) take place, and therefore, you can be sure to have legal backing in order to free your relatives from this dilemma.

The Epidemic of Elder Abuse & Malpractice

It’s hard to imagine why a person would want to harm an elderly person. They’re vulnerable and already susceptible to injury and illness. However, we live in a society where apathetic individuals have unfortunately found their way into professions that require a profound sense of empathy. The lack of adequate screening makes it easy for doctors and nurses with a less-than-favourable temperaments to enter the profession, making Barrie retirement living negligence more common.

Two Sides of Insensitivity

The insensitivity among some of today’s doctors and nurses can take on various forms. That’s one of the reasons why it can be hard to identify individuals who shouldn’t be in the medical profession outright. Within the circle of doctors and nurses who commit these crimes, there are professionals with varying temperaments.

Traits of Abusive/Negligent Doctors and Nurses

  • Overly-Aggressive – These are the doctors and nurses who are impatient and intimidating. They are the ones who raise their voices and deal harshly with elderly patients, grabbing and even hitting their patients. These individuals are more likely to commit abusive acts outright.

  • Apathetic – On the other side, you have those who are not particularly aggressive, but display insensitivity in a passive manner. These are the health care providers who act blind or deaf to the complaints of elderly patients or ignore the behaviours of their more aggressive counterparts. These individuals are more likely to perform procedures negligently.

When it comes to elderly abuse, these are the two groups of people that medical malpractice lawyers usually encounter. Of course, such individuals can be more complex and indistinguishable.

The Effects of Malpractice on the Aged

As mentioned earlier, the elderly are more susceptible to injury due to their age. Also, the fact that they are in a healthcare facility, whether it’s a hospital or a nursing home, means that they are in a state that requires a gentle and supportive treatment. Therefore, when elderly patients receive harsh treatment, the extent of their illnesses and injuries are amplified.

The Health Effects of Malpractice & Abuse

  • Physical Pains – When the malpractice or abuse is physical, elderly patients will usually experience physical pain. This can result from the various ill-practices, including deliberate abuse, inadequate treatment/care, and the negligent administration of medications. Complications can arise from poorly performed medical procedures and this could lead to a rapid decline in a patient’s well-being.

  • Visible Trauma – This is one of the easiest ways to tell if a loved one is facing abuse. The sight of bruises, scars, sprains, and even broken bones can reveal the possibility of abuse on the part of a doctor or nurse.

  • Weakened Cognition – Another dangerous effect of malpractice and abuse is a decline in cognitive function. Victims of abuse will often see a sharp drop in their concentration, memory, and ability to reason. It is also common to see such individuals see worsening in dementia symptoms.

  • Emotional Turmoil – One of the most unfortunate effects of malpractice are the emotional problems. Depression and anxiety are common in elderly patients who are abused, and these emotional problems can lead to an even faster physical decline.

What to Do if it Affects You

If you can recognize some of the above-mentioned signs in your elderly family members, then you should continue to watch closely – even try to investigate what’s taking place. It’s important that you make the effort to do so since elderly patients may be too fearful to tell you how they feel, or may not even realize what is taking place.

  • Keep Your Senses Tuned – If you have a suspicion that malpractice or abuse is taking place, then it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings. First and foremost, look for unusual physical signs when you visit your elderly loved one. Do they have unusual marks or bruises that weren’t there before? Are they complaining of symptoms they never had before? Also, listen to how the nursing staff deals with other patients. Do they speak with an irritated or aggressive tone? Are they sarcastic with these patients? All of these signs can give hints as to what takes place when you’re not around.

  • Call in a Medical Malpractice Lawyer – If signs of negligence or abuse are apparent, then you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible (such as Wynperle Law in Hamilton, Ontario, 25 Main St. West, Suite 400, L8P 1H1, 1-866-696-0300). When abuse and neglect takes place in a hospital or nursing home, it usually takes place over a long period of time and little effort is made to end it. Of course, you don’t want your loved ones to endure ill-treatment, so calling in a lawyer to investigate and prosecute those involved with medical malpractice can resolve the issue.

Protect Your Loved Ones from Malpractice

Don’t let the suspicion of negligence or abuse slip away as an exaggerated concern. If you notice that there are signs which point to behaviour or practices that seem unusual, then it’s worth your time to look further into the issue. There’s place for remaining idle. Always keep track of your family member’s condition and don’t be afraid to ask the nursing and medical staff questions. You might be able to discern the true nature of the situation by noticing discrepancies between their answers and how your family member feels. If abuse or neglect seems likely, then don’t hesitate to hire a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you and your family put an end to the worry. Not only will you help your own loved ones, but taking action may expose widespread behaviour in a facility and thus save the lives of countless others.

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Some Of The Best Methods To Locate A Real Estate Lawyer?

When you are considering selling your home or property there are a lot of things to consider. Most people will overlook the technical details as they’re swamped with other considerations, but these fine details are the exact places that people need to pay attention if they want to have a smooth, hassle free transaction. This is where a real estate lawyer can help; by ensuring that your paperwork and transaction is processed smoothly and efficiently. This is particularly of interest to first time buyers or sellers as there are quite a few aspects of the deal that they may not know about but will affect them regardless. Let’s take a look at some methods that will help you to find a great real estate lawyer.

Lawyer In Real Estate

The absolute very first thing you should do before you even consider hiring a real estate lawyer is to go over what you know about real estate and consider if there are any areas you are unsure of how the deal with progress or what will happen. Write down all of these unknowns so that when you do get around to talking to a lawyer you have a good idea of what to talk to them about. Even a seemingly simply question such as “What does a real estate lawyer do?” should be written down, just get it all out so you have everything in front of you when you actually do speak to them.

First off, the most obvious way to find a fantastic real estate lawyer is to conduct a search online. Imagine we are located in the Greater Toronto Area, a simple search for “real estate lawyer Toronto” will reveal a vast quantity of websites to examine. Take a look at these sites and get an idea of what sort of professionals exist out there to assist you during your real estate deal. This is a great time to write down a few things such as their phone number and any websites you may like or be interested in. Call these people up and talk to them about what sort of services they provide and describe your needs.

Real Estate Transactions

If you’re just not impressed with what you are finding online the next step is to talk to your family, friends, and co-workers to see if anyone has had to deal with a real estate lawyer in the past and can recommend anyone to you. Referrals aren’t given lightly so this will help you definitely find someone who has made someone happy already with effective services. But remember, even though you’ve been given a referral it is not a ‘get out of jail’ free card. Do your homework and investigate the lawyer’s credentials before you commit to anything.

When embarking on a real estate deal it is always advisable to incorporate the services of a professional real estate lawyer. Failing to do so may result in huge risk taking, perhaps even resulting in losing thousands upon thousands of dollars in your deal. Remember, just because you think you can do it doesn’t mean you have the experience, expertise, and know-how to do the job competently.

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Brain Injuries: Statistics & How They Occur

Often enough, being an unfortunate victim of a traumatic brain injury can result in a large amount of damage to an individual’s life. In a lot of past cases having a traumatic brain injury could cause long term or permanent, physical, emotional and mental troubles that people do not understand such as; the victims employers, family members and friends which result in leaving the victim under a lot of stress. Also brain injuries can result in long term medical, financial and emotional damage to the victim’s family who may even become their sole caregiver. If you or a loved one has been a victim of brain injury because of someone else’s negligence you should contact your Hamilton personal injury lawyer immediately.

Brain Injury Victims

Not only do brain injury victims suffer from pain and suffering, but they all suffer from lost wages as well as a lot of important expenses. In the past many survivors of traumatic brain injury are younger adults that could never return to their work. Although brain injuries could often be mild, a victim that had severe brain injury can experience psychological effects like long term depression, prolonged anxiety, lost of social interaction, slow or no improvement and need daily assistance.

Hamilton Personal Injury Lawyer


Brain injuries can be anywhere from mild, moderate or severe. Mild brain injuries can result in loss of consciousness and a small change in mental state. A moderate brain injury can involve impact to the head or violent shaking. The victim could lose consciousness for minutes or even hours and could even remain confused for days or weeks. Now severe brain injuries can result from a penetrating blow to the head and result in permanent brain damage or even sometimes death.

Traumatic and acquired are two categories brain injuries fall under. A traumatic brain injury may occur from an external force where an acquired brain injury could result from an internal source such as a stroke or an external one. Traumatic brain injuries can include anything from concussions, contusions and penetration. Anoxic or hypoxic are categorized as an acquired brain injury.

How They Occur

Nearly 50% of fatal brain injuries are a form of some drug or alcohol abuse. 28% of traumatic brain injuries are caused by vehicle accidents and 50% of brain injuries are so severe that they require hospitalization. Sport and physical activity injuries represent another 20% of injuries and another 10% of brain trauma is caused from assaults and violence. The other 45% of brain injury can be caused from a wide variety of other unfortunate accidents.


  • As a rough estimate, 2 million head injuries occur every year. However, 1.5 million of those injuries are not fatal and do not require any hospitalization.
  • Each year over 55, 000 victims die from a traumatic brain injury.
  • Males are twice as likely to suffer a traumatic brain injury and are more likely to die from the injuries rather than women.
  • The highest statistical risk of brain injury involves people ages from 15 to 24.