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Open for Business: Why Seasonal Vendors Need to Schedule Dust Control

Every athlete worth their salt knows that the off-season isn’t a time to “veg” out and eat junk food. Sure, a few guilty pleasures here and A thorough inspection may reveal that your business requires better dust control. there  won’t hurt, but the effects of overindulgence will carry over when the regular season begins. That time off should be used to train and get in shape. Seasonal businesses face a similar proposition. It may be tempting to blow all that hard-earned cash on who know’s what, but a wise person will use the off-season to revamp their business. Cleaning up for another period of sales is a vital task, and among that job should be a serious dust control effort. There are numerous reasons why this should be a priority, and doing so can save your business from unwanted consequences.

A Few Months Off Equals Months of Dust Buildup

What happens when someone doesn’t shave or cut their nails for a few weeks? The obvious outcome is an overgrowth that can turn out to be inappropriate, depending on the person’s career. Similarly, a buildup of dust is inevitable when a business space remains closed and unattended for long periods of time. The progression of time and lack of care can fester into much bigger messes, and it’s in this scenario that the various hazards of dust can manifest.

It’s More than Just a Chore

It isn’t unusual for kids, even adults, to resent house chores. It’s fair to feel this way especially after a long day of hard work. In business, the feeling can be the same- after a tough season, why spend so much time cleaning up when you can do something more relaxing? You deserve to have some downtime but if you’re serious about your business, pleasure shouldn’t come at the expense of responsibility. Remember, you are accountable for the state of your business, and whatever happens, good or bad, ultimately stems from your actions. Maintaining a clean setting by means of dust control keeps your business in good standing with the public. However, it’s worth taking a look at what happens if you ignore this important task.

A dust control job can save essential business electronics from damaging particles. Effects of Inadequate Dust Control in Business

  •  Health hazards – An excess of dust is first and foremost a health hazard to those who set foot on your premises. This is especially true for those who suffer with chronic respiratory conditions, such as asthma, allergies, and more serious problems such as lung cancer. The other thing to think about are health and safety inspections. If a standard test reveals that your business is unsafe, you can expect anything from fines to mandatory closures.
  • Equipment damage – Apart from the risks to human health, there are risks to your equipment and machinery. It’s well known that dust causes damage to electronics, and these effects can be detrimental to your business if you rely on computers and other gadgets. Replacing these devices can cost you thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, so it’s wise to invest some time in dust cleanup before reopening for business.
  • Reduced appeal – It’s true that dust is everywhere and attempts to completely get rid of it are futile. However, a buildup of it looks unsightly and turns people away. Think of an old, dusty shelf or room full of cobwebs. You would probably want to think about something else! This very reaction could occur among your customers if they see tons of particles floating around. Remember, a poor appearance can cost you a sale even if you sell a good product or service.

 Making the Cleanup Happen

You most likely recognize the importance of dust control in business, but what’s more important is that you take action. The longer you let things linger, the bigger the cleanup will be, limiting the amount of time you can devote to other important tasks. Starting early is important. It can seem overwhelming, but there are plenty of tools and resources to make the job easier.

For a Job Well Done

  • Set time for an assessment of the property – It’s important that you take a detailed look at how much dust has affected your premises before commencing the cleanup. This first step will help you identify the main “trouble areas”, so that you spend the right amount of time and money where your attention is needed most.
  • Call for professional help – Depending on the circumstances, you may want to entrust the job to experienced contractors. This reigns true for cleanups that are very large in scale or involve the removal of hazardous particles, such as asbestos.
  • Use of efficient dust removal equipment – Efficient equipment is at the heart of any dust removal job. Make sure the machinery at your disposal is adept at removing harmful particles. Dust vacuums equipped (almost always equipped with HEPA filters), are one of the essentials for the tasks, but you can also benefit with devices such as air scrubbers.
  • Get the job done before you open – You should start before you officially open your doors for business, and the sooner you do so, the better. It’s easy to underestimate the scope of such a project, and you certainly wouldn’t want to find yourself scrambling at the last minute. Reopening a business can be a stressful time, so it’s best to get a major cleanup out of the way, early.

 Don’t Open Shop Before a Dust Cleanup

Opening for another season of business is certainly an exciting time. The prospect of setting new sales records and attracting new customers/clients, can be exhilarating just to think about. However, you shouldn’t forget the prep work that makes these results possible. Within that realm, you should give serious consideration to the cleanup of your premises, which should include dust control measures. Remember, the health of customers is partially your responsibility when they set foot onto your property. A facility that’s dusty and poorly maintained leaves a negative impression in the minds of visitors, perhaps enticing them to shop elsewhere. Pondering the consequences, both good and bad, can motivate you to put a dust removal job at the top of your to-do list.

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