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High Volume Venue? Invest in a Floor Scrubber To Look Your Best

Some venues can get away with cleaning on the small scale. If you run a mom and pop hardware store in the middle of a rural area, it’s highly unlikely that you face a crowd of people coming into your store every day to cause havoc. Diners, retail stores, and small businesses can make do with slight solutions like mops and vacuums. This is not true for every business, of course. Some have expanded on into being immense. Think of a stadium where concerts are played and giant sports events take place, or a retail establishment like Costco that deals with thousands of shoppers on a weekly basis. You may be sceptical about the amount of damage that they can cause, but consider what people wear on the ends of their feet: shoes! Shoes cause damage to floors in the same way that wind and rain cause damage to rocks and mountains. The constant scuffing and scrabbling of boots, shoes, heels, and soles causes damage to floors and removes their lustre in no time flat. Without the proper care and attention, you can go from a gorgeous, welcoming floor to something that looks uninviting and flat out awful. There’s a solution to the woe causes by shoes: a floor scrubber. These cleaning devices take one look at the damage that people cause to the floors of a large venue and wipe it out in no time at all. If you run or manage a high volume venue, you owe it to yourself to read on and find out why these devices are so necessary to running your place of business.

A Floor Scrubber will help you clean up those high volume venues!Appearance Is Everything

You may not judge a book by its cover, but you should absolutely judge a venue by its hygiene! Here’s where the floor scrubber comes in. If you have dirty floors that have been scuffed and damaged by visitors, then it conveys a lot to people who are considering being your customers – and it isn’t saying anything positive. You want to look your best when it comes to first impressions, for a variety of reasons. First of all, you want your image to be a clean, positive one. If people walk in and the first thing they see is a filthy floor, they’re more likely to think that you don’t know how to take care of your venue. They aren’t too likely to spend time and money at your stadium, arena, or place of business after that. You don’t need your floors to be spectacularly gorgeous; just functional is fine as long as they are clean enough to withstand the inspection of your potential customers. Even if you manage to get them to come in and enjoy the show with your dirty floors, their perception of price will change. It’s hard to convince people to spend a hundred or two hundred dollars on your show, even if it’s the most amazing act in the world, if your place looks filthy. People associate class and price with cleanliness and hygiene, so plan accordingly. Get a floor scrubber, and you’ll never have to deal with picky customers or annoyed individuals who think you could do better, and your business will benefit from it.

Foot Traffic Can Be Overwhelming

Still not convinced that a floor scrubber is a necessary part of running a large venue? Let’s look at some of the numbers that large venues can attract. Small stadiums, such as Sunan Stadium in Pyongyang, or Michie Stadium in West Point, United States hold capacities of 40,000 people. In the mid range, you can find stadiums like the Sun Life Gardens in Miami Gardens, United States, and the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, United States. These stadiums hold in-between 70,000 and 75,000 people. If you’re looking at the largest stadiums around, the numbers go past the 100,000s. The stadiums, arenas, and large retail centres of the world such as malls deal with hundreds of thousands of people on an annual basis. When you have that many people moving in an area, they bring muck and filth and dirt with them. They tread in mud, dirt, slush, snow, and other materials you don’t want inside your place, and bring it into your store in both trace amounts and larger pieces. In addition, they wear away at the surface of the floor and cause general damage just from the sheer volume of people and the weight of their bodies and the hard material of their shoes. Left unchecked, you can have a beautiful, welcoming venue turn into a pig stye before you know it. With these numbers, you simply have to prepare for the worst case scenario. Luckily, a floor scrubber can take the punishment of cleaning up after these crowds without missing a beat. You’ll find your venue is just how you want it to be while servicing the crowds you crave. There’s no loss there!

When you have a large venue such as an arena, stadium, or mall, you must take preventative measures as well as reactive responses to the amount of people you get. There’s no getting around the fact that people will damage your floors and leave them a mess if you don’t take the right actions. The best thing to do is to use a floor scrubber that can clean up the messes and protect your floors from further abuse. Your business will only bloom as a result, and you can rest assured knowing it can take on any job.

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