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How Science is Cleaning Up the Mean Streets of Online Gaming

Have you ever logged onto an online game, only to immediately regret your decision? Online gaming is a marvel of modern technology, where you can play with someone halfway around the world without latency or difficulty. No matter what your preferences are, you can find a game that fits your taste. Do you like small scale strategy and working with a team? Check out the MOBA games League of Legends and DOTA 2. What about a larger scale operation where you manage units, resources, and other parts of industry? Download Starcraft 2 and it’s sequel, Heart of the Swarm, to get your fix. If you’re more of a peaceful sort and you like to conquer a new territory, then you may prefer a game like Terraria or Minecraft. Being able to meet people from around the world and join up with them to tackle challenges is fantastic, and it almost sounds too good to be true. So, what’s the catch? Unfortunately, not everyone you play with is a good natured person looking to help you out. Online games are rife with griefers, trolls, and other never do wells who are looking to spoil your fun. This has been a problem since the inception of the Internet, and it shows no signs of going away on its own. Game developers have decided to face the problem head on by using science. Next time you log on your Mumble server to play some games with your chums, you may notice their results. Science is doing a great job at taming the ‘Wild West’ of online gaming. Read on to learn how they’re succeeding.

Woah! Turn away angry gamers and keep your Mumble server clear of shouting with social conditioning

What Does Toxic Behavior in a Video Game Look Like?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, or so goes the children’s rhyme. Some people are skeptical that behaviour in a videogame can have a big impact. After all, it’s just a digital playground, right? What’s the worst that can happen? In reality, the Internet gives people many tools to bother other players, and online games suffer greatly from their antics. There are different ‘subgroups’ of toxic players. One type is the ‘troll’, who relishes getting a negative reaction out of their teammates. The troll makes their own game out of infuriating other players. Whether it’s selling all of their items to buy six boots, pretending like they don’t know the basics of the game, or riling up other players with taunts and jokes, the troll casts a negative pall over the rest of the game. The troll’s cousin is the griefer, who exploits game mechanics to harass other players. The griefer makes alts on a server to yell at a player they dislike, takes advantage of a player displacement spell to throw allies off a cliff to their death, or summons allies to the bottom of a lake where they’ll inevitably drown. Finally, there’s the verbal abuser, who doesn’t use gameplay to harass other players, but just insults them over text or voice chat with the rudest insults they can muster. All of these players make the other people in the game miserable.

How Have Scientists and Social Experts Been Addressing These Problems?

Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, is notable for dedicating an entire department to improving player behaviour. One of the first things that the game established was ‘The Tribunal‘. The Tribunal is a system that punishes players that have garnered many reports for negative behaviours. Players volunteer to judge Tribunal cases, where they are presented with the chat logs and information about the game, and then vote ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’. The Tribunal took the load off of Riot’s support staff and gave players a tool to curate the community. Secondly, Riot instituted an Honor initiative. Players can reward each other with Honor after a game, which offer aesthetic rewards on your profile. When this positive reinforcement fails, Riot steps in and gives players warnings, temporary bans, and finally permanent bans. These initiatives have proven incredibly successful: 47 million votes have been cast in the Tribunal, with 51% of offenders being found guilty. A shocking 94% of players who are found guilty and are punished never re-offend.

Create Your Own Tribunal System With Clever Use of a Mumble Server

A Mumble server allows you to make your own system of checks, balances, and accountability. Do you have a friend who rages & yells at every provocation? Does your teammate love to taunt the enemy team every time they make a minor mistake? Chide them for these errors and let them know that you won’t stand for such behaviour. Social conditioning from peers is an effective way to curb bad behaviour and get your team back on track. Friendly jabs and silly jokes are all well and good, but you shouldn’t have to tolerate trolling, griefing, and all around bad behaviour. Having immediate, latency free feedback allows you to step in when things get out of line and your teammates are creating a negative environment. You can take a note from the Tribunal and improve the behaviour of your friends and allies with one Mumble conversation at a time!

Online games should be about friendly fun and fierce competition, not raging and blaming other people. If you’re tired of a negative environment, take heart in the fact that science is on the job. Initiatives like the Social Behaviour Team and the Tribunal at Riot Games are a great way to reform rude players and reform them into useful teammates and kind players. A system of checks, balances, and positively reinforced behaviour has been proven to work when things get out of hand. Harness this power for yourself by using a Mumble server with your friends. You’ll have more fun and cut down on the things you hate about online gaming. Best of luck on the digital battlefields!



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Follow The Highs and Lows of Your Favorite Pro Team with a Mumble Download

Once upon a time, playing video games was considered something that only nerds and losers did. Only a dork would drag out an Atari and load up a riveting game of Pong! Everyone else was too busy following the exploits of the rich, famous, or fascinating. The Beatles caused chaos with interviews about faith, love, and life and were trailed everywhere they went by hordes of reporters and teenage girls. Everyone loved to gawk at the life styles of rock mavens like Robert Plant, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Jett, and Jim Morrison. The love life and exploits of Elizabeth Taylor has been the subject of many books and movies. We love to watch professionals go about their life in dramatic, fascinating, or audacious ways. In today’s world, we can see some unfiltered, high octane personalities on the professional gaming circuit. Video games are no longer just for nerds – they’re incredibly popular methods of entertainment. The games have also become to complex and skill based that a circuit has sprung up of tournaments, online streaming, and other methods of watching people play and compete at these games. Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, League of Legends, and DOTA 2 are examples of games with flourishing competitive circuits. If you are interested in watching these players compete, interact, and share in the latest news with your friends, you’re in luck. A Mumble download means you can discuss the newest announcements, watch a tournament together in real time, or share your favorite moments. Read on for a full explanation of how Mumble opens up an avenue to discuss the latest plays and news, as well as giving you a front seat to every gaming tournament and press conference.

A Mumble download lets you follow the antics and exploits of Team SoloMid and their peers

Watch New Strategies Unfold and New Stars Rise

When games first come out, there’s just the surface level there to keep people happy. The real fun comes when the pros and dedicated players start digging past the surface to find cool things, new tactics, new strategies, and then put them into action. Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty went through a fad where Zerg players thought up a clever use for the Queen unit. The Queen is meant to be a strictly support unit to spread creep and boost larval numbers. Clever players realized that they could also be used for a devastating mid game attack. The game was supposed to have one or two Queens milling about your base – not twenty of them storming your base at the ten minute mark! In League of Legends, Season 1 was marked by two bruisers going into the bot lane while the AD carry went mid. The European teams shook that up and sent the AD carry bot with a support for farming. The game now follows this vastly superior strategy. With a Mumble download, you and your friends can watch these strategies unfold and jump on board. The players who come up with these ideas are clever, resourceful, and you’ll likely soon see them on the pro circuit. You’ll be able to claim that you knew them before they were cool!

Be the First One to Hear Rumors and News From the Front Lines

Players who follow the pro circuit are the first ones to hear about all the big changes going down. Is there going to be a change to your favorite team? Is someone leaving the circuit to focus on their personal life, or are they all moving to a house in Korea to focus on mastering their game in time for the world tournament? A Mumble download lets you swap rumors and be the first one to know all the big shake ups in the professional circuit.

Cheer for Your Favorites (and Boo the Teams You Love to Hate!)

When the tournaments and matches roll around, you’ll want to watch every moment, analyze every replay, and cheer at every move. Whether it’s a Baron steal at the 40 minute mark, a 1v5 showdown, or a skirmish over the last mineral patch on the map, you can cheer until your throat is sore over Mumble’s low latency, crystal clear channels. On the other hand, if your least favorite team or player is up to bat, you and your friends can trash talk and snarl until your throat is sore. A Mumble download brings all the fun and joviality of a ringside seat right to your computer desk.

Follow the Narratives and Stories of Your Favorite Players

Watching a star rise is exciting, and so is watching these players meet head to head. There are tons of fascinating narratives that a Mumble download lets you experience fully. When Team SoloMid went through a crisis due to TheOddOne contracting a disease, fans around the world waited with baited breath, only to see them recover and become stronger than ever. When a young sixteen year old who’s famous for their lighting quick reflexes goes up against a seasoned veteran who has years of experience under their belt, people wait to see whether youth or age will win out. When two teams or players collide after months of trash talk and preparation, the results can be electric. Experience all of these things for yourself on Mumble with your friends!

The professional circuit of video games has turned from a small scale novelty into a full blown phenomenon. Hop on board with the millions of cheering fans with a Mumble download. You and your friends can become the John Madden of your favorite game, pointing out all the best plays and scoffing at the silly mistakes. Enjoy cheering for your favorites and heartily booing the teams you love to hate, and enjoy watching players evolve, grow, and go up against equally talented competition. The professional gaming circuit isn’t going anywhere, so hop on board and join in on the fun!

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The First Step to Playing In Tournaments Is A Mumble Server Host

When you were younger, you might have dreamed of being a professional sports star. It’s a common idea for a reason: Kids love the idea of being able to play for a living. A leisure activity being your full time job is good enough, but when you add in all the admiration, love, appreciation, and money you get, it’s no surprise that being a professional sports star is one of the most common dreams for young people. However, when these kids get older, it becomes obvious that this simply isn’t practical. Most people aren’t willing or able to put hours of physically demanding practice in every single day that will tax their bodies to the limit. Injuries are common, especially for sports like football or hockey. Even people who do their best and try their hardest can’t make it to the big leagues. Many people try to go for safe professions instead. However, there’s another way to recapture a slice of this dream. Video game tournaments are becoming extremely popular – and lucrative. The League of Legends Season 2 prize pool was a whopping five million dollars! Teams like Team Solo Mid, Against All Authority, Azubu Frost and Blaze, or Counter Logic Gaming earn their living by travelling around the world and playing in tournaments against other teams. You may not be able to jump into the big leagues, but there are likely local tournaments that can satisfy your urge. However, a Mumble Server Host is a crucial first step to your dream. Read on for an explanation of why Mumble is necessary for you to begin your steps towards becoming a tournament player.

first step to playing in a tournament is a Mumble server host

Start With the Best Foundation

When you play games like League of Legends, Skullgirls, Marvel Versus Capcom, DOTA 2, or Starcraft 2, it’s important to realize that there’s a wealth of knowledge you need to grasp that isn’t immediately apparent. When you play League of Legends, for instance, it’s clear that you need to kill enemy champions and destroy their towers. However, the game never informs you about mechanics like last hitting, positioning, zoning, or champion synergy. You’re forced to learn all of these things yourself through experience. When you play with a team, then you have a safe place to practice all of these skills. You and your team can build a foundation of working together without forming bad habits that could ruin your play. Remember, there’s no room for small mistakes in a tournament, so if you set up a Mumble server host you can stop them before they become an issue. Communication and teamwork is the best way to improve your gameplay at every level, and nothing facilitates those better than Mumble voice chat.

Work as a Team Every Time

Different teams or players on the professional circuit are known for different tactics and strategies. Counter Logic Gaming are famous for playing the long game and picking champions that are good at farming and poking. NesTea is widely considered to be the best Zerg player in the entire world. Daigo Umehara is the best Street Fighter player in the world, to the point where his nicknames include “The Beast” and “God of Fighting Games”. All of these players have their gameplay down to a science, and when they are on a team, know how to rely on their teammates. To be the best player on the best team, you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, and how to adapt. If you’re poor at micromanagement, you may be able to win the day through macromanagement and map awareness. If you’re not the best at collecting gold, you may have to gain a lead on your enemies through other means. When you use a Mumble server host you can communicate your failures and plan how to succeed regardless. Playing without voice chat is like playing with one arm tied behind your back! Don’t handicap yourself – use every advantage at your disposal to ensure that you succeed.

Get Used to Tournament Standards

If you’ve ever watched a gaming tournament, you’ll notice a few things about the players. One of the most noticeable thing is that each player is wearing a headset with noise cancelling apparel around it. The reason why they’re wearing this rig is that it blocks out all noise that isn’t the voice chat they use with their teammates. If you want to play at tournaments, you need to be able to roll with the equipment and tools they use at tournaments. Getting used to voice chat and a headset is essential for your success, and it is considered one of the most important parts of teamwork. Without voice chat, you’re playing at a massive disadvantage, and you need to be able to use it efficiently. If you can’t calibrate your microphone, realize when you’re muted, keep your voice level, or talk with your team, you’ll never be a legend! Prepare for tournament communication by using a Mumble server host, and you’ll quickly adapt to the standards expected of professional gamers.

It’s no wonder that most gamers hold at least a small wish to be a professional gamer one day. Very few have the ambition, the time, or the skill to make that dream a reality. It takes time, effort, and a Mumble server host to be one of the greats. Luckily, all of this can be obtained by even the most inexperienced player if he or she just wants it badly enough. If you use Mumble, then you can work with your team to become a good enough player to hold your own at major tournaments. You’ll also adapt to the mindset and equipment used at tournaments. Playing with a Mumble server is like using training wheels for the big leagues – it’s a necessary step to prepare yourself! Download Mumble today and you’ll see how important it is to your cooperative gaming.

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Why Mumble Server Hosting Is Worth The Pocket Change For Hardcore Gamers

There are certain restrictions that stop people from being too into video games as a casual hobby. Some people work odd hours or long shifts and simply don’t have the time to advance in the ranks of the newest competitive game. Some people are intimidated by the speed, skill, and controls of the latest and greatest strategy epic. Still others simply don’t have an interest in anything besides farming their crops in Farmville or having their Sims climb up the corporate ladder. Other gamers prefer complicated games and tons of strategy to practice. These players think that the more obstacles they can overcome and the farther they can challenge themselves, the more fun the game is! Hardcore gamers are the sort who love to test their skills, improve their reflexes, and try their improved strategy against ever stronger foes. Sometimes these players like competitive games where they triumph over a human foe like League of Legends, and other times they prefer to try their hand against computer controlled opponents with devastating attacks and mechanics that wipe out lesser players. No matter what, a hardcore gamer should look into Mumble server hosting as a supplement to their gaming sessions. Mumble is the most valuable tool that a player can have on their side while they’re working with a team, and without it, you’ll never quite be able to reach 100%. If you want to learn why you should shell out the pocket change for a Mumble server, read on for some convincing reasons.

why mumble server hosting is worth the pocket change

Plan, Prepare and Present

Have you ever tried to explain a raid boss fight using World of Warcraft’s text system? It can be a major pain to even try. Some bosses have complex mechanics involving multiple phases of a fight. Let’s take a look at the Onyxia encounter from World of Warcraft, one that was present for both level 60 players and level 80 players; this is a particularly well known and famous encounter.

Onyxia has three phrases. In phase one, she attacks the tank, who must hold aggro. Every few seconds, she casts Flame Breath, which kills any player except the tank who stands in front of her. Her tail also sweeps, knocking players about. If a player is knocked aside, they often fall into her whelp cave, which spawns many small dragons that attack players and cause serious chaos. During phase two, Onyxia takes off into the air. Ranged DPS must attack her while melee DPS take care of whelps. Onyxia will cast Deep Breath, giving players exactly six seconds to spread out and run. If they react too slowly, multiple raid members will die. Forty whelps will spawn from the cave, attacking raid members, and two large Lair Guards will enter from the front. All of these adds must be killed as quickly as possible, ranged DPS must do damage to Onyxia and get her 40%, and all raid members must flee from Deep Breath or die. And this fight is considered one of the simplest bosses in World of Warcraft!

Why Mumble Helps

With Mumble server hosting, you can explain it all in a snap, and remind players periodically throughout the fight. Without Mumble, you have to type all this information, hope everyone reads it, and pray for the best. When you’re dealing with 10 or 25 people, text can be a pain to communicate through. Voice chat allows for clear, concise, and convenient communication.

Break Bad Habits and Learn New Facts

When you’re playing a complex online game, there can be a thousand different things to manage. Last hitting, micro skills, zoning, map awareness, warding, harassment, sustain, when to back and when to stay, dueling, tower diving, item builds, item actives like Randuin’s Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari, and positioning are skills that every player learns despite their favorite character. From there, things only get more complicated. Each character has four unique skills and a passive that work together in harmony. Using them correctly takes practice – for instance, you do more damage if you auto attack as Caitlyn, so you save your ultimate to take care of enemies who try to flee at low health. Then there are more complicated mechanics like auto attack resets, counter picks, and champion synergy. Having Mumble server hosting lets you play with your friends, and you can share your knowledge to become better players. You can point out each others mistakes before they become bad habits, help each other learn new facts, and improve drastically as a result.

Conquer the Metagame

The metagame is the highest, most complex layer of strategy for any game. When you play the metagame, you’re looking at things outside of the actual game. You use player upgrades and power ups, psychology, the element of surprise, or other factors to win the game. The metagame is complicated to master, and without Mumble server hosting it can be nearly impossible. Here’s an example of the metagame in League of Legends. You first pick Quinn, intending to use her as an AD carry. The enemy AD carry picks Varus, a champion that counters Quinn in some ways. The enemy top lane also picks Garen as a top laner. Your team adapts on the spot by communicating on Mumble. They choose Graves as the new AD carry, and you take Quinn to the top lane. Her blind, Vault, free vision and ultimate mean that she wins the top lane against Garen, and Graves wins the bottom lane against Varus. Mumble server hosting makes complex plays and strategies like this possible.

Hardcore gamers love new challenges and learning new skills. Using Mumble is one of the best ways that you can satisfy this urge. Games that are complex and challenging become simple, allowing you to advance to new tiers and execute perfect teamwork. If you can’t stand games that don’t make you learn new things or test your abilities to the limit, then Mumble is a program designed with you in mind. Shell out the pocket change and you’ll find yourself amazed at the new possibilities!