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Create Wedding Invitations that Bring Your Personality to Life

After months or years of dating, it’s finally happened – you two have fallen deeply, irrevocably, and sincerely in love.  Being in love with the man you want to marry is an exciting, overwhelming feeling that can turn even the most stoic and calm of women into an emotional person who gets teary eyed at wedding dresses and flower arrangements. Once you’re engaged, it’s inevitable that thoughts of wedding ceremonies, receptions, and vows will float into your mind. You have likely had thoughts of your wedding for a while, and you might have some specific images in mind. While you’re working with planners and vendors, you’ll unfortunately deal with domineering people who want to impose their vision or their favorite trend onto your special day. Even worse, you may deal with pressure from family and friends to make things special for them. Shake off all that pressure and do things your way by having wedding invitations that show your true spirit, and the unique love you share with your future husband. Don’t feel as though you’re limited to just a few, pre-selected options that don’t really represent you and your love. With a custom wedding invitation designer (such as Laura K in Toronto) you can come up with something that really makes your guests’ jaw drop. Here are some ideas on how to create an invitation that just screams ‘you’ without giving into external pressure.

create wedding invitations that speak to your personality

Show Your Perspective

We all go through the world with blinkers on, to some degree. We all have a habit of being a little selfish and going through life with our own priorities first. There’s nothing wrong with this habit, but it does mean that we forget about other people to a degree. We don’t always notice that someone has a personality quirk, a favorite memory, an unhappy trigger, or an incredible desire for their dream. There’s a feeling we get when we realize the absolute scope of the world, and that each person is as fully developed as we are, but it’s a rare one. When you design your custom wedding invitation, you’re showing your perspective, your love, and your personality – not anyone else’s. Your mother might still look at you as her little girl, your best friend might have seen a decorative theme that really spoke to her soul, a vendor might want something that looks fantastic in their portfolio, and a distant relative might want something that represents your ancestry or childhood. Don’t feel the need to be polite and entertain their ideas; just remember that you are the individual getting married, not them, and design your wedding invitations accordingly.

Remember the Little Moments

Every couple has their own unique courtship, their own special moment where they fell in love, their own realization that they would end up marrying this person. You might have experienced this on the day you met, or six months into your relationship, or six years. There’s no right time or a ‘schedule’ you have to follow. However, you can incorporate these amazing memories into your wedding and your wedding invitations. Did he propose to you under a clear blue sky without a cloud in sight, surrounded by the golden leaves of autumn? You can take the blue and gold from this vivid memory and incorporate it into your invitations for a stunning effect. Did you two meet in a virtual world, like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2? Maybe you first talked to each other on a VOIP client and you fell in love with each other’s personalities without ever glimpsing their face. Some couples choose to have wedding decorations and invitations that wouldn’t look out of place in the halls of Stormwind, the towers of Orgrimmar, the world of Tyria, or the hollowed tree of Agartha. Choose something for your wedding invitations that represents the little moments, not the big trends that are totally separated from your day to day life.

Work as a Team

Some brides take the reins on wedding planning and do everything themselves. They may end up with a beautiful ceremony, but it will never be a perfect reflection of their personality and relationship if they don’t include the groom and his input. A wedding is about the two of you sharing your lives together, so why not have something you’ll both love and remember for the rest of your lives? Include his favorite colours and design tips, but have your influence show through as well. The combination of your input and love will make something beautiful and truly unique. You’ll both be able to look back on your wedding invitations fondly and remember the good times that you had working on them together.

Don’t Get Lost in the Planning

A few brides go so far into the wedding planning and the mystique that surrounds weddings and ceremonies and receptions that they become wholly focused on having a wedding fit for a princess. A wedding fit for royalty is a fantastic one indeed, but it’s not one that shows the true you. Stay grounded throughout the wedding process and don’t go overboard with staying to the images you see in magazines, on televisions, or on the Internet. You’ll inevitably come up with something that is straight out of a fairy tale but has no real personal connection or influence from you or your groom. Wedding invitations that show your true, unique personality are far more beautiful than a trendy, cookie cutter invitation.

When you’re looking to get married, you have a lot on your plate! People will be giving you advice and tips that you may not be interested in hearing. Remember to stay strong and do things your way, not bow down to pressure and give in. You’ll end up with wedding invitations that are unique and true to your spirit if you simply look at things from your perspective, work with your future husband, and stay level headed throughout the wedding planning process. Best of luck!


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How to Plan Wedding Invitation Cards With Style and Function

Here comes the bride! Imagine a ceremony where the wedding music is playing, the cake is ready to be served, the bride and groom wait at the altar, and the priest is about to wed the couple… but the pews are empty, there are no cars in the parking lot, and the reception hall is silent. This nightmare scenario occurs to many brides during the wedding planning process. What if there’s a mistake? These questions haunt the minds of brides while they go over the details of their wedding. There is a safeguard from this sort of mishap from occurring: wedding invitation cards are more than just beautifully crafted pieces of art. They also hold the details of the ceremony and reception. For a portion of your guests, these cards can be the first announcement they hear of the upcoming nuptials. For another percentage of your guests, they will have to reference your card to make sure they have the details down flat. Only a handful will know all of the times, places, and details off the back of their hand. This is where the wedding invitation becomes important. You want to have an invitation that is eye-catching, gorgeous, and beautiful while still having all of the information that guests need that can be read with a glance. How do you balance these two needs? Read on for an explanation of how to plan cards that fulfill all its duties without a hitch.

how to plan wedding invitation cards with style and function

Plan Your Delivery

Sending out the cards and the time of year which you do it in can be just as important as planning the card itself. You have to strike a balance between sending it too early and sending it too late, while also avoiding times of year in which peoples mailboxes become congested with mail. According to The Knot, a popular community for brides to be, wedding invitation cards should be mailed out six to eight weeks before the ceremony.  This gives guests all the time they need to make arrangements and get the necessary chores done without making them feel rushed. It’s also close enough to the date that the invitation card will be relevant. If you send something a full year before the date, it’s likely to get lost in the shuffle or put in a drawer somewhere, forgotten until it’s too late. Six to eight weeks is the sweet spot. The exception is if you’re planning a destination wedding in which your entire guest list will need to travel; in that case, send them out three months in advance. An optional addition is ‘save the date’ cards, which remind your guests of the day without giving out details. These cards make sure that the date is put on their calenders six to eight months in advance, while the invitations hold all the details and jog their memories. Try to avoid sending out cards at Christmas or other busy times of the year lest your invitation get lost in the flood of cards.


Don’t forget that you want your cards to be eye catching and beautiful. When you have wedding invitation cards that are dull, bland, and purely meant for explaining details, you may as well just put up a Facebook event. You want something that is visually stunning. Your guests will never forget the date if it comes wrapped inside a beautiful invitation! Choose something that invokes a feeling that is relevant to your relationship. Pastel colours give a soft, romantic feeling. Bold jewel tones are strong and stylish. White with metallic highlights is elegant and minimalist. Choose wisely, and you’ll end up with invitations that guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of. Keep in mind that invitations are often kept after the wedding as a reminder of your ceremony, so don’t choose something that is ‘in the moment’. A contemporary look may look silly in a decade, but a timeless look will be forever.


If you think making a stylish card is difficult, then steel yourself, because making functional wedding invitations can be just as vexing! You want your wedding invitation cards to give guests all the details without being cluttered or hard to read. There are a few steps you can take to make sure this goal is met. First of all, look at your font and its size. Some fonts, while being gorgeous, are hard to read. Other fonts may look great at a large size, but if you fit them down into your invitation. Design your wedding invitation with more than one set of eyes on it. You may feel that one thing is beautiful, but another person may find it unreadable. Make sure that key details are clear. Numbers should be extremely distinct. Consider using styles and fonts that prioritize readability over style. You’ll also want to pick font that contrasts strongly with the background. Two colours may be individually beautiful, but blend together or clash so hard that making out the fine details becomes difficult. Guests may confuse a 7 for a 1 if it’s in pale silver against white, for instance. Be sure that your card also includes all vital information.

Following this advice will give you wedding invitation cards with both style and function. Your wedding won’t be a ghost town if you follow these simple steps. Be sure you send your card out at the right time, giving your guests enough notice without jumping the gun and sending them too early. Make a stylish card that your guests will notice amongst the bills and invitations, and they’ll read the details happily. Just be sure that your guests actually are able to read the details! If you make an error with your invitations, guests could show up too late, too early, or to the wrong place entirely! Avoid this disaster by taking your time with the invitations and ensuring everything is clear, readable, and memorable. Your ceremony will be far more enjoyable with every guest accounted for!





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