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12 Breast Cancer Myths Exposed

You are probably one of many women who have heard the scary myths about what causes breast cancer or increases your chances of becoming a breast cancer victim. Below I will help you break those myths so you do not have to go to a local Toronto naturopathic clinic to find out the truth:

Myth Number 1: Wire Bras

This myth was based off an old theory that an underwire bra would reduce lymphatic drainage and increase breast cancer risk, but that was never based off of any date and definitely does not affect breast cancer risk.

Myth Number 2: Antiperspirants

There has been no proven study showing a link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. Below are two points of origin for this cancer myth:

Parabens: Paraben is a chemical preservative used in some antiperspirants and other products and may increase estrogen levels which are linked to breast cancer risk. But, there is no true decisive link and multiple companies have discontinued those ingredients in antiperspirants.

Mammogram Prep: Certain antiperspirants contain a bit of aluminum which can show in some mammograms as a false-positive result.

Myth Number 3: Radiation From Screening Tests

Mammogram’s give off a small portion of radiation, but it is such a low level that it would not increase the risk of breast cancer. Also MRIs and ultrasounds do not contain radiation at all.

Myth Number 4: Exposure To Air Causes Cancer To Spread

Multiple doctors are asked about this certain myth – When you have surgery for the cancer and it gets exposed to the air, it causes the cancer to spread. That is extremely untrue and many people are worried because naturally cancer can spread, but it is not caused by a surgeon cutting into a tumour.

Myth Number 5: You Have To Have Family History Of Breast Cancer To Get It

Multiple women who get diagnosed with breast cancer that do not have a family history of it seem especially surprised. It is less than 10% of breast cancer victims that get it because of family history.

Myth Number 6: You Cannot Do Anything About An Inherited Risk

A strong family history of cancer is a risk factor, but that does not mean just because women in your family had breast cancer means you are destined to get it. Genetic testing can help you understand your inherited risk and allow you to make choices about your future care.

Myth Number 7: Occurs Only For Older Women

The chances are of you being older and getting breast cancer is definitely a risk factor, but that does not mean younger women can’t get it. It actually is more aggressive in younger women and can be diagnosed at any age.

Myth Number 8: Plastic Surgery

One good advantage for woman who would want to increase or decrease their breast size, is that there is no risk of breast cancer. A study actually proved that woman who decrease their breast size, have a lower risk of breast cancer by 60%, depending on how much they take off.

Myth Number 9: Double Mastectomy Prevents The Return Of Breast Cancer

If you have already had breast cancer and had to have a double mastectomy, the breast you remove that does not have the cancer will prevent the risk of breast cancer in the future, but removing the breast that already had the cancer, it still leaves you with a 3-4% risk of recurrence.

Myth Number 10: Why Bother With A Mammogram, They Are Not Accurate

In the last couple of years there has been controversy when a woman should get a mammogram – whether it should be age 40 or age 50. But, it actually left many women feeling that a screening test is almost pointless.

Young women have denser breast tissue than older woman, so basically the younger you are, the better to have a mammogram because it will be more accurate. Just remember having a bad mammogram is a lot better than not having one at all.

Myth Number 11: Self-Exams Are Pointless

There is no doubt that self-exams are worth all your while because for one it is free and easy to do. The saying really is true; Good things come from being familiar with the shape of your own breasts.

Myth Number 12: Abortion & Miscarriage Increase Breast Cancer

There is no research to support the idea that the early end of a pregnancy through miscarriage or abortion can increase the risk of breast cancer.

The above facts should help you better understand the risks of breast cancer and plan for your treatment.

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