Why Mumble Server Hosting Is Worth The Pocket Change For Hardcore Gamers

There are certain restrictions that stop people from being too into video games as a casual hobby. Some people work odd hours or long shifts and simply don’t have the time to advance in the ranks of the newest competitive game. Some people are intimidated by the speed, skill, and controls of the latest and greatest strategy epic. Still others simply don’t have an interest in anything besides farming their crops in Farmville or having their Sims climb up the corporate ladder. Other gamers prefer complicated games and tons of strategy to practice. These players think that the more obstacles they can overcome and the farther they can challenge themselves, the more fun the game is! Hardcore gamers are the sort who love to test their skills, improve their reflexes, and try their improved strategy against ever stronger foes. Sometimes these players like competitive games where they triumph over a human foe like League of Legends, and other times they prefer to try their hand against computer controlled opponents with devastating attacks and mechanics that wipe out lesser players. No matter what, a hardcore gamer should look into Mumble server hosting as a supplement to their gaming sessions. Mumble is the most valuable tool that a player can have on their side while they’re working with a team, and without it, you’ll never quite be able to reach 100%. If you want to learn why you should shell out the pocket change for a Mumble server, read on for some convincing reasons.

why mumble server hosting is worth the pocket change

Plan, Prepare and Present

Have you ever tried to explain a raid boss fight using World of Warcraft’s text system? It can be a major pain to even try. Some bosses have complex mechanics involving multiple phases of a fight. Let’s take a look at the Onyxia encounter from World of Warcraft, one that was present for both level 60 players and level 80 players; this is a particularly well known and famous encounter.

Onyxia has three phrases. In phase one, she attacks the tank, who must hold aggro. Every few seconds, she casts Flame Breath, which kills any player except the tank who stands in front of her. Her tail also sweeps, knocking players about. If a player is knocked aside, they often fall into her whelp cave, which spawns many small dragons that attack players and cause serious chaos. During phase two, Onyxia takes off into the air. Ranged DPS must attack her while melee DPS take care of whelps. Onyxia will cast Deep Breath, giving players exactly six seconds to spread out and run. If they react too slowly, multiple raid members will die. Forty whelps will spawn from the cave, attacking raid members, and two large Lair Guards will enter from the front. All of these adds must be killed as quickly as possible, ranged DPS must do damage to Onyxia and get her 40%, and all raid members must flee from Deep Breath or die. And this fight is considered one of the simplest bosses in World of Warcraft!

Why Mumble Helps

With Mumble server hosting, you can explain it all in a snap, and remind players periodically throughout the fight. Without Mumble, you have to type all this information, hope everyone reads it, and pray for the best. When you’re dealing with 10 or 25 people, text can be a pain to communicate through. Voice chat allows for clear, concise, and convenient communication.

Break Bad Habits and Learn New Facts

When you’re playing a complex online game, there can be a thousand different things to manage. Last hitting, micro skills, zoning, map awareness, warding, harassment, sustain, when to back and when to stay, dueling, tower diving, item builds, item actives like Randuin’s Omen or Locket of the Iron Solari, and positioning are skills that every player learns despite their favorite character. From there, things only get more complicated. Each character has four unique skills and a passive that work together in harmony. Using them correctly takes practice – for instance, you do more damage if you auto attack as Caitlyn, so you save your ultimate to take care of enemies who try to flee at low health. Then there are more complicated mechanics like auto attack resets, counter picks, and champion synergy. Having Mumble server hosting lets you play with your friends, and you can share your knowledge to become better players. You can point out each others mistakes before they become bad habits, help each other learn new facts, and improve drastically as a result.

Conquer the Metagame

The metagame is the highest, most complex layer of strategy for any game. When you play the metagame, you’re looking at things outside of the actual game. You use player upgrades and power ups, psychology, the element of surprise, or other factors to win the game. The metagame is complicated to master, and without Mumble server hosting it can be nearly impossible. Here’s an example of the metagame in League of Legends. You first pick Quinn, intending to use her as an AD carry. The enemy AD carry picks Varus, a champion that counters Quinn in some ways. The enemy top lane also picks Garen as a top laner. Your team adapts on the spot by communicating on Mumble. They choose Graves as the new AD carry, and you take Quinn to the top lane. Her blind, Vault, free vision and ultimate mean that she wins the top lane against Garen, and Graves wins the bottom lane against Varus. Mumble server hosting makes complex plays and strategies like this possible.

Hardcore gamers love new challenges and learning new skills. Using Mumble is one of the best ways that you can satisfy this urge. Games that are complex and challenging become simple, allowing you to advance to new tiers and execute perfect teamwork. If you can’t stand games that don’t make you learn new things or test your abilities to the limit, then Mumble is a program designed with you in mind. Shell out the pocket change and you’ll find yourself amazed at the new possibilities!



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